Grateful to all

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to say thank you to everyone who helped us through our time of sorrow when we lost our mother.

Your kind words, flowers, food, hugs and support meant the world to us. For everyone who was able to attend Clara's service we are so appreciative. There were so many people who impacted Clara's life in a positive way and we will forever be grateful. Mom will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace; we love you.




Thanks for votes

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank the voters of the town of Plattsburgh for allowing me the honor to serve them again as their new town clerk.

The residents have once again put their faith in me, and I will not let them down. The town of Plattsburgh is continuing to grow and prosper, and top quality service from the Town Clerk's Office to residents should reflect that growth.

Once again, I thank the voters of the town, and hope you come in to see me after the first of the year.




No cursing allowed

TO THE EDITOR: I submitted a comment and you refused to put it on and told me I was swearing.

I invite you to read the letter and tell me where I swore. Remember that you always claim the First Amendment right. Don't forget that I have the same First Amendment. What about the comment didn't like. The truth?


Lake Elsinore, Calif.




Soldiers were wounded

TO THE EDITOR: Many Vietnam veterans, including myself, had left Vietnam thinking we had escaped without being seriously hurt, only to find that we had been exposed to Agent Orange and or suffered from PTSD.

When I wrote Congress about this and suggested that we deserved to be awarded the Purple Heart, I was told that since the enemy did not expose us and cause these injuries we did not qualify

Really? If we had been hit by or killed by friendly fire we would receive a Purple Heart. So what is the difference?

The point is we were wounded while we put ourselves in harm's way while defending the country. For that we deserve either a Purple Heart or perhaps a new medal like an orange heart. I am forwarding this letter to Rep. Elise Stefanik for her consideration






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