HIstoric structure razed

TO THE EDITOR: Not only was a beautiful and historic building destroyed, but all the trees surrounding it were removed as well.

Why? So the Town of Plattsburgh will collect a few more dollars in tax revenue and Panera shareholders can get their 21 cent dividend.

I guess this is what passes for progress in a capitalist society. Sad.




No problem speaking

TO THE EDITOR: In response to Elizabeth Gellars' “Public Still Speaking,” I will start by addressing the statement specifically related to me.

I have attended council meetings regularly for over four years, long before my husband was elected to the council. I've voiced my opinion on a variety of issues over that time. As anyone who knows me will attest, I have no problem speaking for myself and saying what I think. The implication that I'm a “plant” is ridiculous.

I would also like to address the degrading accusation that Ms. McFarlin will direct the IDA Board to vote in favor of the development because it is expected of her. It is very lazy to dismiss her and the board's assessment simply because of who she is married to, while ignoring her experience and professionalism as director of the Clinton County IDA and the total transparency of the board, who are respected members of the community.

Regarding the question about where the pro development petitions, groups, and protests are, please consider the purpose of a protest. The Prime development opposition group is protesting because they want to change something.

Those in favor don't need to protest a development that is already slated to occur. Coupled with the way others have been attacked when they did speak out, it's no wonder more people don't come forward to express support.

I'd like to note that when the PCC formed, their president stated that they weren't there to talk about controversies in social media, do any mudslinging, or launch personal attacks on anyone. However, I want to note that they endorsed Ms. Gellar's letter by posting it on their Facebook page, thanking and complimenting the author. Those lofty words mean nothing as long as letters rife with personal attacks and unfounded denigration are condoned by their group.


























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