Support the ACA

TO THE EDITOR: North Country voters and supporters of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik should know she is doing all she can to do away with the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Republicans hate it and many Democrats don’t understand it. Make no mistake, Stefanik is a leader in the fight to do away with the ACA and is fighting in the courts to do so.

The truth is, before the Affordable Care Act, Americans with “pre-existing conditions” had to pay unbelievable premiums for health insurance. Both young and old had to pay these high premiums and companies like Mutual of Omaha, Travelers, Blue Shield and many others were making profits that were over the top.

In 2003, those with pre-existing conditions had to pay upwards of $10,000 in premiums, with deductibles as high as $5,000 before the insurance kicked in.

What is a pre-existing condition? That hernia, back problem, or carpal tunnel injury, no matter how slight, is a pre-existing condition.

The Affordable Care Act put an end to those with pre-existing conditions paying exorbitant premiums. The act’s best part was the provision that insurance companies had to accept them and couldn’t charge more than those without them.

Many of those complaining about the act had better pray it stays in effect. If the ACA gets repealed, the pre-existing conditions provision goes away. Tedra Cobb is running against Stefanik in 2020 and she will fight to keep the ACA’s pre-existing conditions clause.

The 21st Congressional needs a North Country person who has worked to help those in need regardless of political leanings. Tedra Cobb is that person.






No shills needed

TO THE EDITOR: Considering Elise Stefanik’s behavior in the Trump impeachment hearings, we must ask ourselves who benefits from having a shill for a U.S. president who conducts himself in a manner which is:

- Crude and uncivil towards anyone who disagrees with him, misogynistic, impetuous, reckless and uninformed, designed to benefit him and his family rather than our country, and ignores advice from experts in scientific, diplomatic, humanitarian and military fields by denying the existence of climate change, rolling back environmental protections for air and water quality, alienating long-standing allies around the world while embracing dictators and strongmen in places like Russia, China, Philippines, North Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, endangering the security of friends and partners in places like Syria and Ukraine, while jeopardizing our own security, believing that people of color attempting to escape danger and oppression should not be allowed to immigrate to the place they see as a beacon of justice and opportunity, and if having made it here, should be separated from their children and locked up, and is sending signals to the world that the word of the United States of America, as expressed through our commander in chief, cannot be trusted because of the number of lies he tells.

Who needs a representative to curry favor with such a president? Not the residents of New York’s 21st Congressional District. And certainly not I.


St. Regis Falls











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