Needs new leadership

TO THE EDITOR: The Town of Jay needs new leadership and that's why I am supporting; Democrat Knut Sauer in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 25, and both he and Adam Coolidge, a Republican running independent for the Jay Town Council in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

For our town to prosper, you need an aggressive supervisor and town board to actively research funding opportunities from our state and federal political representatives. There’s money out there, but it's a very competitive atmosphere with many small rural areas asking for assistance.

To be successful you have to be adamant about your needs and be persistent in obtaining the goal.

We need new town board members that are transparent, that have great communication skills , that have a presence within Essex County, Albany and Washington governments, and that are well prepared for any crisis or natural disaster that comes our way.

As a constituent, we don't always have to agree with our town board’s decisions, but we must know that they are actively participating and representing us with their whole heart and soul as we elected them to do.

Please consider Adam Coolidge and Knut Sauer for Jay Town Board. It's a start and in two more years more changes will need to be made, in my opinion, for the Town of Jay to reach its full potential.


Former Town of Jay Supervisor


Your vote counts

TO THE EDITOR: Republicans' current political strategies are as follows: voter suppression, gerrymandering, lying, and inaction to protect our election process from a foreign goverment's influence.

These actions, or lack thereof, have underminded the voice of the people. This upcoming election is no longer a "left vs right" fight, it's a fight for any U.S. citizen who understands the basic foundation of this nation; that the people's voice must be represented without impunity.

Do not ever let anyone tell you that your vote does not matter, because 2020 will be decided by you.