Step up Stefanik

TO THE EDITOR: It's time for Elise Stefanik to truly represent the interests of NY-21 constituents.

In addition to her willful acceptance of campaign financing from PACs outside of New York state (amounting to 94 percent of her war chest), our congresswoman has managed, since her reelection, to maintain a near perfect record in support of Trump's obstructionist and willfully deceitful agenda.

Elise is slick, awaiting indicators of specific GOP positions regarding particular issues, then voting "nay" when outcomes are all but certain.

Our district deserves better than a partisan hack who faithfully hews to the Republican Party line. We demand that Representative Stefanik step up and repudiate the president's vile positions on immigration, healthcare repeal, foreign trade and military provocations and environmental deregulation.

The 2020 election looms and we citizens residing in NY-21 will seek to identify a candidate who will consistently and honestly represent our interests in Congress through 2022. Going forward, the stakes couldn't be higher.



Parade was success

TO THE EDITOR: The American Legion Post 769 in Chazy would like to thank everyone who participated in our Memorial Day Parade. This parade follows an annual tradition to honor veterans for their sacrifices in their service to our country.

The parade was a huge success thanks to both the participants and spectators. The continued outstanding support from the community assures the success of this yearly event, so again, thank you for your support from the members of the Russell B. Childs Post 769 in Chazy.


Post Commander


Cartoon was crude

TO THE EDITOR: On Thursday, June 13, the Press-Republican ran an editorial cartoon that pictured the cover of the New York Times with a dog sitting on top of it, with the implication that the newspaper was only good for pet droppings.

In my opinion, this takes an undeserved pot shot at one of the world's leading and most respected newspapers. Does the editorial staff at the Press-Republican, which does such dedicated work on behalf of our local community, truly take such a denigrating view of fellow journalists?

I hope not. I found this cartoon crude, unfair, and disappointing.



See the positive

TO THE EDITOR: Isn't it refreshing to read about some positive things our young folks are doing today?

Reference the Friday, June 21 edition about Beekmantown seventh graders and their fundraising for our local veterans Honor Flight. Kudos to them and their teachers. Good education is not dead.


AVCS Retired School Nurse-Teacher