Could care less

TO THE EDITOR:  The beat goes on. City of Plattsburgh leadership has again shown that they couldn’t care less what the people of the city want.

The attack on downtown Plattsburgh began with the Co-op, a 40-plus-year fixture and example of everything that’s right about the community, and has now moved to eliminate the Farmers Market, a significant cornerstone gathering space that brings the community together to buy local goods.

The heartless slash-and-burn tactics used by Plattsburgh leadership is a blatant insult the region as a whole, but this is nothing new.

During Round 1 of the DRI, multi-use property owners were invited to submit applications for DRI grants. The economic development funds were hailed as a godsend for improving the city, but the distribution of the money was flawed from the beginning.

Favoritism ensued as Margaret Street was given graded priority over Brinkerhoff Street, and other sections of the city were completely ignored. The final DRI awardees were either very wealthy or live in Canada.

The recent Durkee Street disaster proposal reveals a project that does not develop downtown, it isolates it. The plan actually illustrates what is essentially a monolithic gated community. City leadership ignored a recent petition signed by 60 business owners against a massive development plan, and couple that with news that two community leaders have left committees in disgust, insulted by being ignored by city leadership.

This recent move shows just how defiant Plattsburgh leadership is, and how they have drawn battle lines. Councilwoman Rachelle Armstrong made that perfectly clear by referring to dissenters of the plan as “you people” a few months ago. It is time for collaboration, not social exclusion.

The people of the City of Plattsburgh need to be respected, not insulted.