Donors are thanked

TO THE EDITOR: On behalf of the Plattsburgh First Presbyterian Church, YMCA, Strand Center for the Arts, Plattsburgh City Police Department, Plattsburgh YMCA- we would like to extend gratitude to contributors for the Schools Out/Kids Count event held on June 22.

They were Booth Insuring, Lowe's, Pepsi Co, Walmart, Plattsburgh Hot Dog Man, Market 32, Hannafords, Taylor Rental, Alix’s True Value, Sam’s Club, Friehofer's Bakery, Sound Obsession, Texas Road House, and Plattsburgh City Fire Department, with donations and support.

A special thank goes out to Bob Garcia, for the Strand Theatre’s free showing of “School of Rock.”

In addition, we would like to acknowledge Plattsburgh Police Officer Brad Miller, for his valuable resources in helping to facilitate the Schools Out/Kids Count event; we are all in this together.

The stakeholders share a vision to work together for future downtown community events, plus are in the planning stages for meaningful and purposeful afterschool programs for the city’s Middle School youth.

Finally, a huge loud thank you goes out to all the staff and volunteers who gave their time and talents to make this wonderful event happen.


Youth Activities/Special Event Coordinator

Plattsburgh First Presbyterian Church

Leaders are supported

TO THE EDITOR: We are writing in support of the Town Of Jay supervisor and councilmen.

Very often you will see letters saying that it is time for a change or that these people do not know what they are doing. However, the current people who are serving our town are some of the most dedicated people that I know.

No, they are not perfect, but they have sacrificed their own personal time to do a job that is very seldom appreciated. This is a thankless job and even when they know there will be times that they will disappoint a personal friend or family member, they are willing to step up and face this challenge of the job.

We appreciate the job that they are doing to serve us as a community, and we will support them in the upcoming elections. Will they be perfect in this job? There is no one that is perfect except God, and we will pray for each of them that God will guide them in the best decision for our town.