Distort information

TO THE EDITOR: Recently, in the letters to the editor section, a Mr. Frechette wrote a letter comparing the United States to various dictatorships around the world and comparing how those nations deal with illegal immigration vs. the United States.

In his letter, Mr. Frechette made numerous incorrect statements that I feel a need to correct. This letter is an example of how certain zealously conservative factions in the political sphere distort information so as to present them as facts, furthering division within this nation.

In his letter he erroneously stated several things:

- Illegal immigrants can get social security cards; they cannot do so legally. Illegal immigrants, if working, must pay into social security, but will never be able to collect social security.

- Illegal immigrants can get driver's licenses. Yes, but only in 10 states and D.C. (http://www.ncsl.org/research/immigration/states-offering-driver-s-licenses-to-immigrants.aspx).

- Illegal immigrants can get credit cards. Yes, true, but that is not a governmental issue (https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/credit-cards/undocumented-immigrants-apply-for-credit-cards/).

- Illegal immigrants can get subsided rent. Not entirely true (https://affordablehousingonline.com/guide/housing-for-immigrants/eligible-noncitizens).

- Illegal immigrants can be on welfare. Not true (https://immigrationforum.org/article/fact-sheet-immigrants-and-public-benefits/).

- Illegal immigrants can get free education. Somewhat true, but only when the immigrant is working toward citizenship (https://www.valuecolleges.com/resources/faqs/can-immigrants-get-free-college/).

As for Mr. Frechette’s complaint that immigrants can wave the flag of their home country, he can blame that on our Constitution, which allows free speech, and the last time I looked we were a nation of laws, not one of bigots.

It is incumbent upon the Press-Republican to verify letters presented as fact. Mr. Frechette’s letter was not fact, but only his opinion.



Don't elect emperor

TO THE EDITOR: The 2020 election seems far away, but because of what is at stake, unless a drastic change occurs, should have our undivided attention in the remaining months.

Our forefathers came from Europe after suffering through years of poverty and unfair treatment by kings, queens, or emperors.

Our great nation succeeded by putting safeguards in place that subjected elected presidents to abide by rules. The rules were placed by voters elected in various regions that protected citizens from abuse should any president exceed his role.

It is obvious to all of us at this point to see that the 2020 election could well be for either a president or an emperor. We Americans came a long way, but some changes are needed in our government, but I don't think it is an emperor.



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