See rare films

TO THE EDITOR: The Newman Center film series (90 Broad St., across from SUNY Plattsburgh) announces its August schedule, beginning with black-and-white TV comedy classics presented on actual celluloid, the way "I Love Lucy," "The Honeymooners" and others on the program were originally shot.

Never televised with their genuine organic optical textures intact, in these archival 16mm prints they are intact. The evening’s menu will include a true rarity discovered gathering dust in a Hollywood warehouse and which I obtained by sheer blind luck, a network print of an episode of the never-syndicated 1960 obscurity “Angel,” complete with original commercials. “Angel” was “I Love Lucy” creator Jess Oppenheimer’s attempt to capitalize on Lucy's success with a culture-clash imitation depicting American Marshall Thompson bringing home his perpetually confused French bride (Annie Farge), but the concept of a Francophonic echo of Lucille Ball sadly flopped and the series barely lasted one season. Too bad, it’s a lot of fun.

Anyway, the whole program starts at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17.

Two weeks later on Saturday, Aug. 31, the fantabulous 1973 adaptation of the Broadway hit “Godspell” will grace Newman's resident canvas in one of the greatest musicals ever set to film. Filled with panoramic images of New York City seemingly emptied of everyone but its small cast, this truly mind-boggling illusion would today be impossible without the intervention, or rather intrusion, of CGI. Showtime is 7 p.m.

All Newman Center films are free, with donations welcome. Free food as well.



Find some solutions

TO THE EDITOR: I have understanding and empathy for the opposing views as we position the city of Plattsburgh for change.

Here are valid concerns of individuals who have parking concerns and there are solutions that could accommodate or mitigate those concerns. I am urging the parties involved in this discussion to have open minds on solutions rather than total opposition to the DRI. We have so much going for us and we must be careful not to squander the willing investments by public and private partnerships.

The state has provided us with a $10 million to plan a revitalization project. We cannot waste that investment and support from the state by not being willing to compromise and find solutions.

Private enterprise has demonstrated a willingness to invest 25 million dollars in developing the revitalization plan that the state has funded. This will not only bring people downtown but they will live there. This is a huge economic multiplier for the entire area. It will bring new businesses servicing their housekeeping requirements, recreational, retail and nutrition needs as well as public access to the exercise trails along the river. We can’t afford to allow that investment to go elsewhere.

I urge our community members who are supportive of the DRI, and those who have concerns about the challenges it will bring to suggest to our leadership, that solutions can be found to the problems and be willing to compromise to attain solutions.

On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, this is our moon shot.



Lends her approval

TO THE EDITOR: Elise Stefanik expresses disapproval for President Trump’s telling other congresswomen that they should “go back to where they came from,” but refused to vote for the House resolution condemning his comments as “racist” because of “partisanship.”

If Ms. Stefanik finds the Democratic resolution to be too partisan, but nonetheless finds President Trump’s sentiments problematic, why doesn’t she craft her own resolution of condemnation in less “partisan” terms?

President Trump is currently leading chants of “send her home” about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who, like Ms. Stefanik, is an American citizen who is devoting herself to the service of the United States.

He has obviously taken the refusal of Ms. Stefanik and other Republicans to vote for the House resolution as approval to continue his rhetoric unabated. Elise Stefanik now has the responsibility to decide if she wants to continue to lend tacit approval to a president who refuses to recognize the American citizenship of political opponents.



Thank you all

TO THE EDITOR: St. Alexander’s and St. Joseph’s Parishes held the 15th Annual Golf Classic at the Barracks Golf Course.

This undertaking cannot be accomplished by any one person and we wish to thank those for coming forward with their time, talents and treasures and the golfers who participated.

A special thanks to Shumway Insurance for sponsoring our Hole-in-One Contests; to Smithfield Liquors for donating a bottle of wine for each participant and to the Barrack’s for their hospitality.

We appreciate all donations from TD Bank, Texas Roadhouse, Guma’s, Impressive Imprints, Spotless Action Detailing, Smithfield Liquor, Heath Smith, Pizza Hut, Wayne Levac, Joe and Toni Krupka, Starbuck’s, Five Guys, Fran and Jack Baroody, Zachary’s, Champy’s Splash Park, Bazzano’s, Mickey’s, Father Scott, Sherry Facteau, Naked Turtle, Kinney Drugs Route 3 and Pat Hamlin.

Also, Cumberland 12, Butcher Block, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dominos, Totally Clips, Pizza Palace, Dunkin Donuts, Gail and Marcel Giroux, The Pepper, The Bagel Pit, A-Nails, Vesco Winery, Sip, Irons, Lakeshore Chocolates, Mobil 1 Express, Banker’s Orchard, The Barracks, Ernie’s Tools, Cheryl and Mike Dodds, No. 1 Chinese, the Bardelcik’s, Armitto’s, Mainely Lobster, Hair Exclusive, Twisted Carrot, Happy Pike’s, Hemingway Farms, Pasquale’s, Leisure Tan, Punki’s, Taylor Rental, Paula Ashline, Salt Cave, Rulf’s, Judy Duprey, Keith and Pam Reyell, Eve and Pat McGill, Deanna Kneussle, Jackie Black, Keeseville Elks 2072 and Hong Kong Jade.

A big thanks our sponsors: K of C Council 6067, Art LeFevre, Sharon Provost, A & J Bouchard Farms, Spotless Janitorial, Fran and Jack Baroody, Margaret Reome, Huttig Nissan, Luck Brothers, Hamilton Funeral Home, Brown Funeral Home, Rand Hill Lawns, Jim Dowdle, Nancy Frenyea Family, McSweeney’s, Sherry Facteau, Randy Rock, American Legion Post 1619, Bernadetteand Marshall DuBray, David and Judy Seymour, Father Scott, Lee Appliance, Bernie Reome Jr. family, Barbara and Robert Seymour, Knight Automotive, Keeseville Elks Lodge and CDA Sts. Kateri and Andre 2663.


2019 Golf Committee Chair


Parking isn't free

TO THE EDITOR: Let me break it down for you.

There is a moderately sized group of individuals currently protesting the development of the Durkee Street lot. A faction, if not the entirety, of this group further objects to the removal of free parking and the implementation of paid parking downtown.

Their petition identifies them as "we the people, downtown business owners, downtown business patrons, downtown residents, downtown business employees, downtown property owners and the many out-of-state downtown visitors."

Reasonably, these users of the downtown area are most directly impacted by these changes and are concerned about the loss of free parking.

But is the parking really free? No.

Free parking is subsidized by the taxpayers of the city. Yes, the downtown property owners pay a special assessment to help address parking downtown, but certainly, this special assessment does not cover all of the costs nor does it equate to a right of downtown users to claim express domination of the community's public spaces.

That's what a street is, a public space. For too long, it's been the domain of the automobile, transfiguring the community around "how do I get my vehicle from Point A to Point B?"

I'll credit the group with this much: they're right to not want the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the erection of another asphalt space for vehicles to sit unoccupied for 8 hours a day. Instead, the city should be using that money to partner with the county to expand investment in public transportation and reduce the need for parking spaces altogether.



Golfers helped fund

TO THE EDITOR: The Community Scholarship Fund would like to thank the 60 golfers who participated in the 23rd Annual Elizabeth “Mikey” Leavine Scholarship Golf Tournament at The Barracks Golf Course in Plattsburgh on July 2.

Through their efforts, and the generosity of our sponsors, we were able to raise over $2,500 for scholarships to be given in Mrs. Leavine’s memory.

We would like to thank the following merchants, organizations, and individuals who supported this event through their generous donations and efforts:

The Beekmantown Teacher’s Association, Jump Camp, Saratoga Eagle, Last Key Realty, BCS Booster Club, Beekmantown Support Staff Association, Northern Insuring Agency, BCS Student Council, Cumberland Head Teachers, Beekmantown Fire Dept., CHES Retired Teachers, Warren Tire Service Center, Rowell Insuring, Lake Breeze Cleaning, Plattsburgh Police Local 812, and Community Bank, Route 3.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to the Leavine and Bushey families, Delores Vivian and the staff at the Barracks, Mike Waite, Scott Cutaiar, Julie Jock, Carol Lunn and Connie Brogowski.


Director, Community Scholarship Fund

Cumberland Head

Hunting tourism promoted

TO THE EDITOR: I have seen first-hand how rural Africans live and what they must endure to survive from day to day, which puts a sharp focus on the conflict, competition and threat that wildlife presents to their lives.

Imagine how the United States, or any other densely populated, developed nation would deal with man-eating crocodiles in its lakes and rivers, hungry lions killing livestock, and elephants harassing and trampling people while knocking down trees and devastating farm crops.

In African countries with well-established hunting tourism (“trophy hunting”), natural habitat and populations of wildlife are typically growing or stable due to the simple fact that using the land as nature reserves with hunting tourism is better business than livestock farming.

No species is under threat because of hunting tourism. It is quite the contrary. Everything is closely monitored and regulated. Hunting tourism has led to vastly improved conservation status of dozens of species. Income from hunting tourism supports hundreds of thousands of people in rural Africa.

Money from hunting tourism funds anti-poaching efforts in vast nature areas in African countries allowing big game hunting. The meat from edible game animals is usually consumed locally. Nothing goes to waste.

Aggressive animal rights propaganda has contributed greatly to misinformation and confusion. What is keeping the anti-hunting community from taking over and running the hunting areas? If the animal rights organizations or any of the other anti-hunters were the highest bidders for the hunting concessions in Africa, the money would flow in to keep the conservation efforts going. The same is true in every other area currently funded by hunting tourism.

Nothing is stopping anti-hunters from paying the bill. However, they do not. They never did and they probably never will.


Tupper Lake

President for some

TO THE EDITOR: Donald Trump loves to go to the Carolinas for his rallies; he knows that he can "gin up" the Southerners with his zenophobic remarks, he knows that they love it, and they will stroke his ego.

I wonder if he has the courage to go to New York, Massachucetts, Vermont ,New Jersey or California, spout off his racism to see the reception he would receive if he made those same racist taunts in front of those people, I wonder.

We know that he wouldn't dare go to those states for fear of being booed off the stage. That leads to one conclusion, he is president only to his racist base, not to the rest of the United States .

In the past 243 years, all past presidents took an oath to join all the citizens of the United States and work for the betterment of all of its citizens.

Now we for the first time in our history,we have a president who truly believes that his first priority is to divide our people and favor only the ones who "stroke his ego"and disparage all others .

History will prove that Donald Trump is the worst president this country has ever had and that the once respected Republican party will no longer exist.



No racism vote

TO THE EDITOR: In response to President Trump's discriminatory tweet pertaining to the four Democratic congresswomen of color, Congresswoman Stefanik issued a statement that she did not approve of the President's tweet, but she did not support her fellow congresswomen's political positions.

Fine. But when it came to vote on the resolution on the floor of the House condoning Mr. Trump's actions as racist, Ms. Stefanik voted against the resolution. She then issued a new statement saying that she felt a vote for the resolution would be construed as a vote in support of the other congresswomen's political positions.

That was not part of the resolution at all. The resolution was speaking to decent treatment of our fellow human beings and supporting the premise of this country built by immigrants and people of different origins and cultures. Even the Federal Equal Economic Opportunity Office issued a statement at the beginning of the week that President Trump's tweet was discriminatory and illegal.

What is happening to our democracy and our underlying principles of that democracy? It is being eroded by prejudices and hostility to others. Whatever happened to the concern for the overall good of this country and its people?

This concern and goal is being cast aside for public bickering and spitefulness. This country needs to be brought back on track to place as a priority the governance of this nation for the overall betterment of its population.



Thanks for support

TO THE EDITOR: The members of the Au Sable Forks Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank everyone who participated in or otherwise supported us with their presence at our 29th Slow Pitch (High Arc) Softball Tournament at Billy Mitchell Field.

We would like to thank our Fire Department members and auxiliary, who spent many hours preparing the food, working the concession stand, field maintenance and clean up for making our tournament a big success. We would also like to thank all of the teams both local and far away for your participation and making this weekend’s games exciting for all who watched.

A special congratulations goes out to our winners: first place. Fish Pond Landscaping, second place. Bitters & Bones, and third place, CD’s Pools Service.


Au Sable Forks Volunteer Fire Department

Got good care

TO THE EDITOR: A huge shout out to the cardiology staff that performed my latest perfusion tracer (thank you Dan for explaining) stress test.

This team in the cardiology department suite 202 was outstanding. Beginning with Lucy, Yami, Mary, Dan, who did I leave out? You were professional, informative, caring, funny at times, and encouraged me to do my best on the treadmill. Thank you for taking such good care of me. You are all awesome.



Stefanik is great

TO THE EDITOR: I was mind-boggled when I say how much money Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and her opponent raised for their respective campaigns.

I was almost surprised to see how heated the 21st Congressional race is already, with such a long time to go until election day. However, I realized that the far-left forces from across the district, across the state, and across the country are attempting to unseat our congresswoman.

Elise is a symbol of the Republican party on a national level. The congresswoman supports our president and is a target because of that, Elise is one of the few conservative voices in New York state, a dtate that continues to move further left and embrace harmful socialist policies.

Elise had risen to national prominence when she served as the recruitment chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee last cycle, and now she has her own E-PAC (Elevate PAC) to encourage more Republican women to run.

Elise is a symbol of everything the Democrat party is opposed to, Elise is a reformer, and a strong voice for the North Country and the Republican Party. For all of her accomplishments, the congresswoman now faces the combined might and resources of the radical left from Plattsburgh to Pasadena and from Watertown to Fort Worth.

The 21st Congressional race is not your typical house race, it is a referendum on President Trump, on results versus resistance, on moderate Republican policies versus far-left socialist policies.

This upcoming election now more than ever needs to see members of the Republican Party, supporters of law and order, and opponents of dangerous policies unite behind Elise Stefanik and all Republicans to oppose the nationwide attempt to unseat our congresswoman and everything that she and the Republican Party stands for.



No big cheese

TO THE EDITOR: I have had this idea for some time and I learned that there are a couple of news reporters have the same idea.

Trump wants to be the "big cheese" for four more years so that he can make his plan work. He wants to be the dictator in this country for the rest of his life

and have his sons take over when he dies. The elections would be a sham like it is in Russia. So if you want a dictator running this country then go ahead and vote for Trump.

He is halfway there now so let's "nip it in the bud" in 2020.

So Mueller didn't find any collusion with Russia, nor did he find obstruction of justice to prosecute him. But lo and behold Trump called his friend Putin to discuss all that but we don't know what he had to say about Mueller. Trump is so taken with the autocrats that he wants to be one. I just hope that whoever runs against him gives his insults back to him.

On May 5 at 10:05 a.m., Cohen said that Trump has become an autocrat. Stop and think about it. Trump only talks to the dictators of China, North Korea and Russia. All our allies have been insulted by him and he doesn't talk to them.

So, think about it.



Golf tourney thanks

TO THE EDITOR: The Crab Island Golf Committee would like to thank members, volunteers and sponsors for a successful 15th year tournament.

They were John Burke, Bob Frenyea, John Desrocher, Jughead Rock, Pearl Mabry, Vicky Goddeau, Steve LeFevre, MaryLou Burdo and kitchen staff, Ellen Murphy and Darlene, Post 1619, Delores Vivian, Eric, Chris and staff at The Barracks, Randy Rock, Jackie Vann, Al Goddeau, Julie Rock, Dave & Betsy Berglund, Karen Guynup, Irene Rock, Foy Insurance Agency, Brown Funeral Home, 4th Ward, Stocious Sports Pub, Post 1619, G&G Tire, American Legion Post 912, Saratoga Eagle, TD Bank, Bob & Michelle Frenyea, Abbott, Frenyea & Russell, K Kipp Plumbing & Heating, "Clydesdales" Dodds and Wieworka, Northeast Irrigation and Landscaping, LaBombard's Restoration, J. Hogan Refrigeration & Mechanical, Liberty Abstract, VFW Post 125, Billy Joe Leopard, Pearl and NASCAR.

A special thank you to all the golfers that participated. Thank you to everyone for everything. Another successful year.



Upward Bound lauded

TO THE EDITOR: I think that SUNY Upward Bound deserves to be recognized for what they do for their students.

The faculty and staff running upward bound give each and every one of the students a better chance to go to college. They give us endless opportunities such as community outreach and internships.

We are exposed to all sorts of different people and that helps grow more accepting to everyone and to treat others as equals. Everyone feels included and a part of something special. This program gives us a forever family by choice, with endless support of one another.

When attending Upward Bound it brings even the quietest of people out of there shells and I can vouch for that. Upward Bound is just an amazing opportunity to attend and start planning their future, and allows them to develop the skills needed to make it out in the real world.

Thank you Upward bound for three amazing years full of wonderful experiences.