Notice the field

TO THE EDITOR: I’m sure many of you have noticed what’s been going on at Lefty Wilson Baseball Field lately. On June 1, baseball-loving people came to Lefty Wilson for a “fix your field” day.

Making this possible of course were all the people that came and volunteered their time.

I’d like to thank all of them sincerely:

From the Fourth Ward Baseball Clubs, Hector Duquette, Alex Follmer, Jack Tolosky, Kristian Sherman, Kyle Erickson and Andrew Kramer. From Peabodys Padres Baseball Club, Jeff Norton and Matt Rivers. From the Clinton County Mariners, Christopher Premore, Wyatt Premore, Rob Knowles, Nicole Knowles and Bostyn Duquette, Ward 2 Councilor Mike Kelly (that man knows how to use a tamper).

From the Plattsburgh Thunderbirds, Eddie Gonzalez and Sandra Perry. (Eddie and Sandy kept everyone alert with Dunkin Donuts coffee and everyone fed with Pizza Palace Pizza), city employee Justyn Gordon and his crew, Brent Martineau, Chris Garrow, Dale Trimm and Scott Mathews.

I would also like to thank Mayor Collin Read. Mayor Read, after learning of the distress the field was under, provided us with some essential. material and tools (two tandem loads of clay/soil mix, shovels and a whole lot of rakes).

Another important person to thank is Wayne Carter. On June 10, Mr. Carter sprayed Lefty Wilson and Hector Duquette fields to eliminate the weeds/dandelions that litter the field. He donated his time at no cost to the programs that use the fields. Mr. Carter is doing this as a dedication to all the baseball people that have used the fields who are now deceased.

We still have a little way to go in order to restore Lefty Wilson to a sense of decency, but we are closer now than ever. All of the people listed above deserve thanks from every baseball lover that has ever stepped on Lefty Wilson Field and every person who has ever watched a ballgame at Penfield Park.


Co-Director, Clinton County Mariners American Legion Baseball