Race was success

TO THE EDITOR: Champlain Valley Family Center is celebrating the success of our 6th-annual 5K Forward for Recovery held on Saturday, June 8.

Many supporters participated in the Kids Fun Run and the 5K Race/Walk to Celebrate Recovery and highlight Prevention Services at CVFC. Participants enjoyed face painting by Kristine Lunan and caricatures by Joe Ferris. Thanks to Amanda Dagley of WNBZ radio, our emcee, Jen Zahorchak of ZVD Photography, our official photographer and D.J. Jeffrey Latinville.

The Board of Directors, leadership, staff and clients at CVFC would like to thank all businesses and individuals who supported this event. Our Gold sponsors: Dennis and Karen Curtin, Plattsburgh Pediatrics, J Hogan Refrigeration, Fuller Excavating, The Foundation of CVPH, Assemblyman D. Billy Jones, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Adirondack Pennysaver, UFirst Federal Credit Union, John Remillard, Jeff and Theresa Latinville, Forrence Orchards, Casella, Rulfs Orchards and Burnham Benefits Advisors.

Our Silver sponsors: Dannemora Federal Credit Union, SEACOMM, Peru Federal Credit Union, Mold-Rite Plastics, JS Fit, Knights of Columbus (Council 13127), Durocher Auto Sales, Ward Lumber Co., Murnane Building Contractors, Northern Insuring Agency, Abbott, Frenyea and Russell CPA, Loremans' Embroidery and Screenprinting, Hamilton Funeral Home, Raymond James Financial Services, JFP Enterprises, Stafford, Owens, Piller, Murnane, Kelleher & Trombley, PrimeLink, Plattco, Joseph Gerardi, Lee and Michele Noyes, Cheryl Bush, Ginny Brady and Jaimie Trautman, Rob and Cindi LaFountain and Mary Krakowski.

We are grateful for these additional sponsors and supporters: The Youth Advocate Program, PepsiCo, Warren Tire, Brown Funeral Home, Kinetic Running, Latitude 44, Dunkin Donuts, Stewarts, Pat Poissant, Ultrawave, Danny and Kathy Phebus and Clinton County Farm Bureau.

We would also like to extend our thanks to donors who made contributions online and the day of the race and all those who contributed to the success of the day.


CVFC Board Chairperson


No party line

TO THE EDITOR: Moral improvement happens when the heart is warmed as you come into contact with people you admire or love. These people consciously or unconsciously bend our lives to mimic theirs.

Sin is a necessary piece of our mental makeup because it reminds us that life is a moral affair. No matter how hard we try to replace sin with non-moral words like ‘mistake’ or ‘over-eagerness,’ the essential parts of life are individual moral reminders. Should I be brave or cowardly, honest or deceitful, compassionate or callous, faithful or disloyal?

Each of us has two sides to our nature. The internal side is involved in peace and discovery and wants to embark on moral qualities: right vs. wrong, do good and be good, love intimately, sacrifice self in the service to others, love in obedience, honor creation and one’s own possibilities.

The external side of our nature is involved in wanting to enjoy high status and vain victories whereas the internal confronts this side and accepts it or not.

Now without excuses, you may be able to seek individuals whose stronger side reflects your own.

I encourage you to select your future candidates for office whose stronger side reflects your own, rather than simply following a party line.



Stefanik wouldn't answer

TO THE EDITOR: Rep. Elise Stefanik recently made an impassioned statement on the House floor for the protection of women.

The subject was a new House version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to be sent on to the Senate. The act requires reauthorization to remain in effect.

Stefanik voted against the House version which had amendments that extended protections. She stated that she supported the current VAWA, and that by sending this version to the Senate where failure to pass it was a certainty, that Democrats were endangering women, because without reauthorization women would be left without their current protections.

The current VAWA, for which Stefanik stated her support, places restrictions on gun purchases by married persons who have been convicted of felony domestic abuse or stalking their spouse. The new House version extended these protections to non-married intimate partners, known as closing the boyfriend loophole.

As Stefanik was very passionate about protecting women’s safety, I wanted to understand her actual positions. I asked her a simple question, regardless of whether or not it has a chance of becoming law, does she support closing the boyfriend loophole? She refused to answer.

I inquired four times, receiving only one response which did not even acknowledge the question (just giving some vague generalities about an environmental question that I also asked).

So Stefanik gives an impassioned speech accusing Democrats of endangering women, but she is unwilling to give her constituents a yes or no answer about closing the boyfriend loophole. It leaves me with one conclusion: Stefanik does not care enough to do what is right.

She is a savvy politician who thought she could portray herself as a champion for women, but obviously when put to the test over something that might upset the NRA, she could never go that far.


Saranac Lake

Keep dogs cool

TO THE EDITOR: As summer arrives please remember just how quickly the heat inside a vehicle rises.

Animals cannot tolerate these temperatures without undue discomfort and often catastrophic consequences. Yes, they love to go for the ride but they don't have the ability to reason or foresee the danger.

As a responsible and caring pet owner, you must resist the temptation and please leave your animals home.

My occupation takes me all over the North Country and every warm day I see dogs left in vehicles with the windows cracked about two inches. It makes me nauseous, frightened and extremely angry to visualize this senseless cruelty.

Please have some compassion for your pet and act in a responsible manner. Leave your animals at home on nice days. While you're running in and out of air-conditioned buildings, they could be on their death-bed.



CHPE is vital

TO THE EDITOR: The North Country Chamber of Commerce is the largest business and economic development organization in northern New York, linking more than 4,200 companies and employers across five counties.

Among our longstanding commitments to strategic economic development, we have long played a leading role in encouraging and supporting the maximization of opportunities for linking and building the shared economy of New York and Quebec. In addition, we support infrastructure development in the North Country of all kinds, including energy related.

With the foregoing in mind, we have been and continue to be a strong and enthusiastic supporter of the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE), designed to bring renewable hydro power to New York City in a very environmentally friendly way. We have supported and applauded progress on the permitting front in the past and now are excited to see the opportunity inherent in Quebec's abundance of clean power embraced by the City of New York.

CHPE is a next vital step in meeting the aim of New York's transition to clean energy.

Without the completion of CHPE, a major next step will have been missed toward the state's green energy vision.

At the same time, CHPE will assist the entire state insofar as meeting New York City's growing needs in a sustainable way can free demand on other sources that otherwise would inevitably be sought, benefiting the statewide consumer base. And directly furthering our economic partnership with Quebec as a secure, reliable source of energy for New York today and tomorrow is a strategic imperative for all of us.

Add the 1,500 union jobs to be supported during construction, along with 1, 100 indirect jobs and a $117 million fund to enhance aquatic environments such as Lake Champlain, and you see a project with multiple near and long term benefits.

We continue to support and encourage progress toward construction of the Champlain Hudson Power Express, as we do continued progress on planned wind and solar projects in the North Country, and movements toward cleaner fuel access of all kinds.

Onward and upward.

GARRY DOUGLAS, President and CEO

North Country Chamber of Commerce


Grateful for help

TO THE EDITOR: We’d like to express our appreciation to the students, teachers, staff, parents, and Principal Dr. Michele Pinard of L.P. Quinn Elementary School, for ongoing support of hospice care in our North Country communities.

For many years, the school district and community of Tupper Lake has supported High Peaks Hospice during the organization’s annual Radio Day fundraising event. This year, Radio Day was renamed Helping Hands for High Peaks Hospice and was conducted exclusively at L.P. Quinn, with live-streaming on Facebook.

The children’s fundraising included collecting pennies and loose change, selling popcorn and freeze pops, holding a luau party and organizing a wide variety of raffles. They learned about compassionate, end of life care, and donated close to $9,000 to our organization from their efforts.

These young community members most certainly have made a difference, and will undoubtedly continue to positively influence the lives of others. We are grateful for the generosity of the community of Tupper Lake, and incredibly proud of the students of L.P. Quinn.


Development Coordinator and Staff at High Peaks Hospice

Saranac Lake

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