Flagpole is dedicated

TO THE EDITOR: On Friday, June 14, in honor of Flag Day, we at the North Country Mission of Hope were honored to participate in an official dedication of a new flag and flagpole combination donated by Woodmen Life.

We at the Mission would at this time like to thank Rick Siddon and his co-workers from NYSEG for donating their time and equipment in the process of erecting the flagpole itself. Thank you and the Town of Peru for the donation of a partial culvert.

Thank you to Kris Cross from Upstone Material for offering to donate concrete which was ultimately not needed but was appreciated none the less.

Thank you to Russell Blaise and Yvonne Bezio from Woodmen as well as their family for attending the dedication.

Lastly, thank to Rocky, Robin, and my fellow volunteers for your assistance in this project. I apologize if I have forgotten anyone.

We here in the USA have been blessed with abundance and wealth. We here at the Mission of Hope have been blessed to be able to spread our excess blessings all around the world.

All are invited to check out our new flagpole any Wednesday morning at our facility at 3452 State Route 22, Peru.


Mission of Hope Volunteers


Racists are defined

TO THE EDITOR: What a joy to see the Democrats accusing each other of being racist. According to the way they think, very soon some of them might even qualify to be Republicans, ha-ha.

But this happens when you trade in identity politics. With political correctness there's always someone more politically correct. Socialism has the same problem. The goal of equality sounds great, but some always end up more "equal" than others.

That's what's going on in the Democrat camp. They've dug into Biden's past and discovered he was a little too friendly with segregationists. Former Democratic senator Robert Byrd was once Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, but he was apparently forgiven because even Hillary Clinton allegedly said that he was one of her mentors. This shows how desperate things are getting among the Democrats.

But the Democrat party always has to contend with a rather unillustrious past. Theirs is a collective guilt that began when they welcomed slave holders, slavery, and resisted abolition for decades. Following emancipation they championed "black codes" down South that stifled African-Americans for at least 100 years.

By contrast, the Republican party emerged from various factions existing in the early 1800s, eventually rallying around the cause of abolition. It was their party that opposed slavery during the debate over the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854.

All this excessive racializing and definitionalizing is starting to come back and haunt Democrats. The best definition I've heard of a racist: anyone who's winning an argument against a liberal.



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