Dislikes President Obama

TO THE EDITOR: Well, Mr. Silver sorry it took so long to reply to your last rant, but it took me that long to stop laughing.

And I am glad that at least you admit it is a rant. Again, I see all you got is name calling again. I would think that you would at least put some facts out there to support what you say.

Now you said in your last letter you never called President Trump a communist, well, let me quote what you said: “Mr Trump is a communist, therefore any body responding to this letter is a communist.” You also stated that President Trump gives the Hitler salute. I watch his rallies and he has not given the salute.

You really need to go check out Walkaway.com. and learn something from someone who used to be a Democrat. Now you also said that Obama had better ideas. Do you mean the one where he sent billions in cash to Iran in the middle of the night? If that was such a great idea then why didn't he tell the American people what he was doing? No, he waited till he was caught then he had to say something.

Or maybe you're talking about the idea where he traded five terrorists for a traitor. Or the one where he was caught on a hot mike telling the Russians that he will have more leeway after the election; now what did he mean by that? No one knows cause he won't say.

Or what about the one where he was caught meddling in the Israel election? Did you know that Obama is the only president to never see a 3 percent GDP for a year, the only one.

Oh, he also spent more money than every president before him. And remember when he let GM buy back all their stocks at a rate price so they didn't have to pay all the money back that he gave them, and again, the American people pay for it?

Well, I could go on and on, but I would run out of space.



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