Hold Stefanik accountable

TO THE EDITOR: I recently had the opportunity to watch the new Hulu documentary, "President Trump: 30 Hours."

I have become more involved in the political world lately so I thought it would be a chance for me to learn more about the president. I turned on the 40-minute documentary and I was horrified. All of my greatest fears have been confirmed.

The president was rude, condescending and flat out untruthful. When asked how he felt about being behind in the polls, he replied with “in my polls I’m ahead everywhere.” This is a blatant lie. Multiple news outlets, including the conservative Fox News, show him falling behind.

He avoided questions by simply giving an answer that made no sense and grew irritated when questioned about his tax returns. Trump insisted multiple times that the Mueller report is a “hoax” and everyone is conspiring against him. Yet, more than 700 lawyers from both sides of the aisle have signed a petition stating that Trump would have been convicted of obstruction if he had not been president (Washigton Post).

President Trump has proved to us through his words and actions that he is not only a criminal, but that he is not fit to run this country.

I think a huge problem with the voters of the United States is that they are uninformed. If people knew even a fraction of all the crimes he has committed they would be shocked. I encourage everyone to take the time and view this documentary and do their own research. It is more important than ever for the people of the 21st Congressional district to contact our Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. She is continuing to support President Trump despite all the wrongdoing going on in Washington.

This is unacceptable and it is time that we hold her accountable.



We are generous

TO THE EDITOR: A recent (June 11) Press-Republican article discussed the difference of opinion between our Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and the loser of that contest, Tedra Cobb, on the "burden of Issuing undocumented immigrants driver's licenses."

I think that in order to have an informed debate on the matter, we ought to, at the very least, label the people involved correctly.

Undocumented immigrants are people who have come here legally, but forgot their driver's license at home.

Illegal aliens are people from other countries who have made a decision to break our laws and enter our country illegally. We currently allow over one million people to become U.S. citizens legally every year. It goes without saying that we are a very generous nation. In the future, please be more mindful that articles we reprint from other newspapers should be checked for accuracy.

Also, a note to Governor Cuomo, I am a registered Democrat who is not happy that you have signed this bill. I did not vote for you to squander my New York state taxes on sanctuary cities or driver's licenses for illegal aliens. You were elected to spend that money to benefit the citizens of New York state.