Consider your answers

TO THE EDITOR: Given all of the information brought forth over the past three months, leading to the impeachment inquiry’s public sessions the past two weeks, there are two questions that each citizen of this nation needs to answer for themselves:

1) If you substitute the name of Barak Obama for Donald Trump in the this inquiry, over withholding of arms to Ukraine and a formal presidential visit of its president, would you have found that he should be impeached and removed from office?

2) If you believe that the current charges against President Trump, abuse of power, attempt to bribe an foreign official to obtain “dirt” (damaging information) on a political opponent, do not warrant impeachment and removal from office, then where do you draw the line in terms of the requirements of the Constitution (Article 2)? What more evidence do you require? Has a precedent for future presidents been set?




Options are gone

TO THE EDITOR: I live in the town of Ausable. For more than 15 years I have had problems with my neighbor’s dogs running free.

I own 10 acres of land, and am situated in the middle of it. My neighbor owns approximately 60 acres of land. For more than 15 years I have called dog control between 10 and 30 times a year because of the dogs being on my property.

My neighbor had as many as 60 dogs until recently, at which time the SPCA took approximately 30 of them, leaving the balance.

I have spoken with the Sheriff’s Department, the Ausable town supervisor, and dog control about this problem, and left messages, receiving no return calls.

I have supplied video footage of the neighbor’s dogs charging at me, in packs of six, on my own property, chasing my own mini dachshunds up onto my front porch, surrounding my wife’s vehicle, in our own driveway, and the dogs on my property many times,

Every time my neighbor is brought to court for this, she gets a minimal fine, a slap on the hand, and her dogs still run free. I have recent video footage of her dogs on my property while she was facing the latest court charges. She either cannot control her dogs, or blatantly disregards the law for containing her dogs.

Dog control doesn’t respond (95 percent) of the time. When they do, I am told to “save the video footage for later use,” or “I’ll ticket her another time,” or “there’s too many dogs for me to do anything.” That’s our tax dollars at work.

I have followed all the legal channels to get to this point, and was let down by the court system again. What other options do I have?





















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