Loves Upward Bound

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to publicly acknowledge the SUNY-Plattsburgh Upward Bound program.

I am currently a student that is benefiting from all of the experiences Upward Bound has to offer. Upward Bound is an amazing college preparation program that helps high school students from local schools throughout the school year and the summer program which is held at the college. The most influential part of the program is staying in the dorms for the summer and taking classes around campus it gives a good idea of what college would be like and what its like to be away from home.

During the summer program there are many opportunities to help students pick colleges they wish to attend and how to get accepted into them. College visits through Upward bound help students visit colleges that are farther away that they might not get the chance to see other wise. Another great activity held by Upward Bound is mock interviews, which help prepare for future college and job interviews.

I am incredibly thankful for all of the amazing things I have gotten to experience while attending the Upward Bound program at SUNY-Plattsburgh and would highly recommend it to anyone in high school who is considering attending college.



Loves her teacher

TO THE EDITOR: I would want to give much appreciation to Kate Dermody during my three years of Upward Bound.

I have taken a class with her every year; she has never left me feeling like I didn't learn something. She taught me more in six weeks then a history teacher in my home school teaches me in two semesters. She speaks out for the voices that won't speak up for themselves, and gives people a voice.

She wants the world to be full of peace and she will do almost anything to achieve that she organized a candlelight vigil the other day to help with peace, and she brought in a Holocaust survivor for my genocide and Holocaust class because we were so interested.

She is definitely the best and I am beyond thankful to be able to be taught by her for three years of my life. I'd like to acknowledge and thank her for being able to be in our Upward Bound community.



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