Appreciates the help

TO THE EDITOR: I want to bring attention to Mrs. Nicole Venne.

Mrs. Venne works as a secretary for the guidance office at Saranac Central School. Now, I know that she is not a teacher or a guidance counselor, but she has been there for me since the day I transferred schools.

I transferred in the middle of my freshman year, and I had to go check in with her because I needed my schedule, and she was really the first adult that helped me fit in. I go and see her during all my study halls and lunch.

This year Mrs. Venne helped me with me apply to Clarkson’s early college program. She showed me about FASAFA and how to write my personal statement.

She does so much for that office, and I feel that she doesn’t get the appreciation that she deserves. I want to publicly acknowledge Mrs. Venne from Saranac Central School. We need more school leaders like her in our community.



No name thanks

TO THE EDITOR: My letter is about someone I will not name. Someone that was there for me through thick and thin. Someone I loved. Someone I hurt.

They had a goofy personality and were very smart. They encouraged me to do things I didn't want to do, that changed my life. Someone who was everyone's friend. They deserve to be thanked, because everyone loved them, but no one truly thanked them.

So thank you, someone. Why haven’t I named them? Because it’s a sensitive topic. It makes me sad to remember. I’ve dedicated a whole book to them. I wear the necklace they got me, everyday. I never let go. I love you, someone.



Dozerfest was hit

TO THE EDITOR: The Kiwanis Plattsburgh Breakfast Club Foundation is proud to report our 13th year of Dozerfest was once again a successful event thanks to all our atendees and supporters:

UpStone Materials, Apple Country Cabinets LLC, Leon Blair General Contractor, Schluter Systems LP, Polsinello Fuel, Warren Tire Service Center, D.A. Collins (Kubricky), Huntley Trucking, Charlebois Inc., Durocher Auto Sales, Fuller Excavating, Northline Utilities, Roswell Beeman Trucking, Airborne Speedway, Dibble Equipment Inc., Branon Construction, Maine Drilling and Blasting, Haley Lumber, Roberts Sports Center, Dig Safe NY, SeaComm Federal Credit Union, Applebees, Champlain National Bank. Clinton County D.A.R.E. Program, Stafford & Owens, Piller, Murnane, Trombley Esquire, Giroux’s Poultry Farm, Bucks Discount Center, Haun Welding, Hynes Electrical Supply Co., R.J. Logan, Luck Brothers, Fidelis, WPTZ TV, Reale Construction, Dragoon's Farm Equipment, F.W. Webb Company, and Sun Community News.

Please join us again next year, Saturday, June 6, 2020. Thanks again to all of our supporters.

Kiwanis Plattsburgh Breakfast Club Foundation

TOM NEALE, President