Park is great

TO THE EDITOR: As a resident of Morrisonville, I would like to recognize the construction workers who spent hours of their time to build us our beautiful and unique playground.

Since it has been build, it has become quite the hang out locations for both local residents and people from afar. It fills me with bliss to see so many people enjoying our small little area in Morrisonville.

I live right next to LaPierre Lane, so I was able to watch day by day how many construction vehicles went by. These people worked very hard to create this serene area where children’s imaginations can run wild and free. However, despite all of this, this park still has unique elements that other places fail to in cooperate.

Our little park has an outdoors exercising area that includes interactive exercise for the elderly and disabled. Signs are depicted with handicapped symbols, along with instructions on how to use the equipment and risk warnings for possible health conditions. The park even includes a handicapped swing where the elderly can sit securely within the seat.

Ever since this park has been built, I have found my new safehaven. I spend most of my cool and crisp evenings by the river or laying around elsewhere in the park. I could lay there for hours, just watching the clouds pass, and feel the stress and anxiety lifted off of my shoulders.

None of this would have been possible, if many people hadn’t worked so hard to create this beautiful place. And for that, I would like to thank everyone who participated within the construction of the LaPierre Lane park in Morrisonville.



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