Firefighters are honored

TO THE EDITOR: Westville Historical Organization held their annual open house July 20 and honored the Westville Volunteer Fire Department's 65 years of service.

While thanking all fire personnel for their faithful service to save life and home from fires and EMTs for lifesaving service, 11 firemen had service records from 25 to 60 years.

Proclamations were presented by Assemblyman Billy Jones and Franklin County Legislators Paul Lauzon and Paul Maroun on behalf of Sen. Betty Little to James Premo for 60 years of dedicated service. Citations were also presented by Jones to the remaining 10 honored firemen. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who was unable to attend, also issued certificates of appreciation to the veteran firefighters.

Westville Town Supervisor Rod Lauzon thanked the department for its dedication to the town and surrounding communities. A light lunch was served to all in attendance.

A special thanks is extended to Jones, Maroun, Paul Lauzon and Rod Lauzon for taking time out of busy schedules to attend our event.

A big thank you to Sandy Premo for displaying at least 50 fire truck models from the hundreds in her collection, Anne Gaggin for helping set up displays, fire department historian Bonnie Pickering for albums and pictorial displays of the department; plus WHO members Les McGibbon, Rosanna Clark, Earl Jackson, Karen Behm, Vicki and Reevie Rockhill, Jean Goddard and Ronnie and Marilyn Anderson for help preparing for the open house and the day of the event. It’s a pleasure serving the WHO in my capacity, when so many come forward to make it work.


President, Westville Historical Organization 


Racism is denied

TO THE EDITOR: I am astounded at Elise Stefanik’s statement, “I don’t believe he’s a racist,” in her response to a question about President Trump’s attack on four congresswomen of color.

In her denialism, Representive Stefanik uses bland euphemisms (criticizing Trump’s “tone” and some of his statements as “unacceptable”) to describe what are Trump’s screechingly demagogic racist statements, advertisements and tweets, as well his denigrating lie after lie about immigrants and migrants of color.

For a long list of Trump’s racist comments long before and up to January 2018 see, see David Leonhardt and Ian Prasa Philbrick, “Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List Updated," Jan. 15, 2018, The New York Times. Many more, since January 2018, could be added to the list.

The conservative London Economist also has no trouble calling Trump’s statements racist.

Representative Stefanik has stated that “ideologies such as white supremacy are morally repugnant and have no place in our society.”

I applaud this. But how then can she brush off Trump’s multitude of statements and tweets as merely inappropriate and stand with what now appears to be his openly divisive, dangerous, violence-inciting white nationalist political strategy?



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