Buck stops here

TO THE EDITOR: There were two terrorist attacks this past weekend, killing at least 30 people. The youngest victim was two years old. These separate attacks were carried out by "home grown" white nationalists, racists who hate people of color.

Our government leaders and Fox News would have you believe that these acts were the work of disgruntled mental cases. I heard this weekend one of Trump's "swamp dweller" spokespeople blamed the shootings on people who have played too many violent video games.

I do not think that the framers of the U.S. Constitution meant the Second Amendment "right to bear arms" was suggesting that anyone could (or should) have access to the AK-47 killing weapons readily available in this country. What hunter needs this kind of firepower to bring down a deer or bear? Who needs this much firepower?

We need stronger, common sense legislation that limits access to assault weapons and semi-automatic guns. These real "weapons of mass destruction" should not be available to individuals just because they have the money to purchase them either legally or illegally.

These attacks were the 249th and 250th mass murder incidents in this country so far this year. What would incite someone to drive 10 hours to kill Mexicans?

Since the mass murder of the elementary children and their teachers in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, our leaders respond with their vows to keep the victims and their families in "our thoughts and prayers," all the while doing nothing to stop the spread of violence in our country.

Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed Grim Reaper from Kentucky and the leader of the Republican Senate, refuses to present legislation to the senate to limit access of guns to mental unstable persons and those who pose a threat to the safety of all of us. The House has already passed this legislation, but McConnell dead ends any and all legislation that would approach any common sense law.

Trump has cancelled and unfunded any policies that attempt to shut down websites that promote and spread hate and encourage white nationalist rhetoric.

As President Truman said, "the buck stops here," at Trump's desk. He needs to stop paying lip service to the American people and prevent the slaughter of more innocents. Enough is Enough.




Many thanks given

TO THE EDITOR: The Kiwanis Plattsburgh Breakfast Club Foundation is proud to report our 13th year of Dozerfest was once again a successful event thanks to our attendees and supporters:

UpStone Materials, Apple Country Cabinets LLC, Leon Blair General Contractor, Schluter Systems LP, Polsinello Fuel, Warren Tire Service Center, D.A. Collins (Kubricky), Huntley Trucking, Charlebois Inc., Durocher Auto Sales, Fuller Excavating, Northline Utilities, Roswell Beeman Trucking, Airborne Speedway, Dibble Equipment, Inc, Branon Construction, Maine Drilling and Blasting, Haley Lumber, Roberts Sports Center, Dig Safe NY, SeaComm Federal Credit Union, Applebees, Champlain National Bank. Clinton County D.A.R.E. Program, Stafford & Owens, Piller, Murnane, Trombley, Attorneys, Giroux’s Poultry Farm, Bucks Discount Center, Haun Welding, Hynes Electrical Supply Co, R.J. Logan, Luck Brothers, Fidelis, WPTZ TV, Reale Construction, Dragoon's Farm Equipment, F.W. Webb Company, and Sun Community News.

Please join us again next year, Saturday, June 6, 2020.


Kiwanis Plattsburgh Breakfast Club Foundation

Mr. Ben praised

TO THE EDITOR: There is something amazing happening in the basement of the Plattsburgh City Public Library. There is life. Like walking in Oz, it is now full of color, fun, music, sounds, and lots of excited children.

With the leadership of librarian Ben Carmen, children line up to talk books and get their library cards. The children’s section of the library is a bustling epicenter of child freedom and development.

Learning has so much to do with the environment. If children feel welcomed, secure and loved they will flourish. What astounds me is Mr. Ben’s endless positive energy. He makes each child feel valued, important and that they matter. This happens every day without fail.

I feel so privileged to have such a wonderful place to bring my children. Yesterday a play company came and performed, on Saturdays local bands such as The Dirty Diaper perform, therapy dogs come weekly and the Summer Space Reading Program has been literally out of this world.

Personally, I cannot thank Mr. Ben enough. As a teacher myself he has helped me with numerous projects. My young girls love books and adore Mr. Ben. He encourages their strange interests and works with them to find just the book they are looking for searching together on interlibrary loan. They absolutely love it.

Mr. Ben Carmen of the Plattsburgh City Public Library needs to be commended for his hard work and dedication to the literacy and development of our local children. He creates a warm environment where diversity is embraced. He offers free amazing programming and has transformed the library into a vibrant learning center. He is a true community leader.

Thank you, Mr. Ben and the Plattsburgh City Library for all you do. I do not know what I would do without you.



Start eating plants

TO THE EDITOR: "Climate Change Threatens World Food Supply" was the lead story in recent leading newspapers. It was prompted by the release of a summary report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), staffed by more than 100 experts from 52 countries.

The report details how climate change is threatening our world's food and water supplies, turning arable land to desert, degrading soil, and raising the frequency of devastating weather conditions. It concludes that avoiding wholesale starvation and mass migrations requires fundamental changes in current animal agriculture and land management practices, which account for 23 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

The conclusions of the IPCC report match closely those by Oxford Univrsity in 2017 and by Chatham House in 2015. A 2010 United Nations report blames animal agriculture for 19 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, 70 percent of freshwater use, and 38 percent of land use. All reports recommend a massive shift to plant-based eating.

In an environmentally sustainable world, meat and dairy products in our diet must be replaced by vegetables, fruits, and grains, just as fossil fuels are replaced by wind, solar, and other pollution-free energy sources. Our next visit to the supermarket provides a superb starting point.



Stefanik needs challenging

TO THE EDITOR: In 2015 Representative Elise Stefanik voted in favor of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, a cowardly bill that became law and turned the Treaty Clause of the Constitution (Article II, Section 2, Clause 2) on its head.

Recently Congress passed a two-year budget bill, that President Trump unfortunately signed into law, which will fund the federal government through 2021. This new law suspends the debt ceiling and all spending caps, so the federal deficit will now exceed $1 trillion for the next two years.

Stefanik voted to approve this nauseating piece-of-garbage legislation, H.R. 3877, which makes the American taxpayer just that much more of a slave to a debt that cannot be repaid within one, and probably not within two generations, thus stealing from our children and grandchildren because they will get stuck with the bill.

This debt will eventually have to be repaid and the longer it takes to bring it under control and pay it down the more likely the end result will be kinds of extreme suffering starting with economic collapse and privation. Witness the fates of the Weimar Republic of Germany and the formerly affluent nation of Venezuela.

As evidenced by her voting record, Stefanik is neither a fiscal conservative nor a constitutional conservative. Freedom Works, a conservative watchdog group, has given Stefanik a failing grade.

Obviously, Stefanik is unwilling and unable to effect the changes that are needed to bring the fiscal spending addict that Congress has become under control. Her vote for INARA was bad. Her support for the budget bill was worse.

It's time for someone to challenge Stefanik in a primary. If that challenger is a fiscal/constitutional conservative, then that's who I will support.



Served with pride

TO THE EDITOR: one of the proudest things I have ever done was serve with the security forces in Vietnam.

I was young and full of patriotism and love of my country. Now I am not so young, but inside nothing has changed I am still the same man, the same sergeant.

I fought for your freedom. I would do it again without hesitation if I had to. I am proud that my two sons have followed in my footsteps and served in Iraq. I  hoped they would never have to, but they bravely carried the torch. Every time a person says "thank you for your service" I swell with pride.

It is a far cry from some of the things I was called when I came back. I was honored to have been married to two very beautiful women during my lifetime; one divorced me, the other died this past December with multiple health issues. I was honored and proud to have been their spouse.

Fast forward to August 2019. I and a much younger lady feeldeeply about each other and when people look at us, well, I don't think I like what I see. It's much like how people use to look at interracial couples; has anything I fought for changed? I hope it has, but has it really?

Now my grandsons are contemplating serving this great county of ours . I pray their service will not be in vain.

The bottom line is, we fought for freedom. So don't you dare look at me like I'm strange. We are happy and that is all that counts. Period, end of conversation.



Sand needs work

TO THE EDITOR: I was quite taken by the article about the City Beach and the "rough state" that it is in.

I witnessed a similar situation at Ausable Point Beach back in 2016. The access road off of Route 9 was in terrible shape, with beaten up asphalt and potholes. The empty parking lot was in the same situation, with weeds growing through the pavement.

Indeed, the water was cool and clear, but the sand had not been manicured, what with driftwood and some hard sand that had not seen a rake for some time. It appeared that that facility is severely underfunded. Hopefully, things have changed since our last visit. This sounds like a similar situation at your City Beach.

Moreover, I was intrigued that were so few visitors. And then I started thinking. The daytrips of Canadians to Plattsburgh and environs is sadly a thing of the past. There a number of reasons for this.

Crossing the international border may often turn into an unpleasant experience. Often innocent Canadians are detained and sent to secondary interrogating which may last an hour or two.

Yes, Canadians are being treated as foreigners, something which begun after 9-11 and has further been exasperated by the current Republican administration.

Facilities on the Canadian side have sharpened up over the years, and the small cities, towns and villages are neater and better kept. There are other reasons too, but Plattsburgh needs to spruce up in many ways, otherwise Canadians will go elsewhere and apparently they already have.

A clear example of that is Plattsburgh Beach, a beautiful beach that desperately needs funding and updating. Canadians would return if there was a far more pleasant experience.


Ottawa, Ontario

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