Do not lie

TO THE EDITOR: This is a reply to Mr. Tedford.

He claims that I said that Trump was a communist. The reality is that I said Trump was a communist sympathizer.

Now for his biggest lie. He said that I said that Trump gives the Hitler salute during his rally addresses. I never said any such thing. I said that Trump gives the communist salute. There is a difference.

For his information, I don't have all day to sit in front of a computer. i do many things during the day. Maybe his time could be better used to learn how to read and not lie like Trump.



We need solutions

TO THE EDITOR: I have understanding and empathy for the opposing views as we position the city of Plattsburgh for change. There are valid concerns of individuals who have parking concerns and there are solutions that could accommodate or mitigate them.

I am urging the parties involved in this discussion to have open minds on solutions rather than total opposition to the DRI.

We have so much going for us and we must be careful not to squander the willing investments by public and private partnerships.

The state has provided us with $10 million to plan a revitalization project.

We cannot waste the investment and support from the state by not being willing to compromise and find solutions.

Private enterprise has demonstrated a willingness to invest $25 million in developing the revitalization plan that the state has funded.

This will not only bring people downtown, but they will live there.

This is a huge economic multiplier for the entire area. It will bring new businesses servicing their housekeeping requirements, recreational, retail and nutrition needs, as well as public access to the exercise trails along the river.

We can't afford to allow that investment to go elsewhere.

I urge our community members who are supportive of the DRI and those who have concerns about the challenges it will bring to suggest to our leadership that solutions can be found to the problems, and be willing to compromise to attain solutions.



Stefanik is working

TO THE EDITOR: I read in the paper that Congresswoman Stefanik took part in a roundtable discussion with local boat owners in reference to the rising water levels on the St. Lawerence River.

As someone who has close friends who live on and near the river and as a member of our community, I am concerned about their ability to keep their homes. Our relationship with the river is large part of our culture here in the North Country. All of this goes to say that I am glad to see Congresswoman Stefanik working not only a bipartisan manner, but also with with our Canadian neighbors, to develop a plan to address this crisis.

After all, it’s a crisis that is quite literally in our backyard.

I fully expect the Congresswoman will continue work with local representatives in New York and with other members of Congress to find a solution to this, and many other challenges, that we face here in NY-21. I wish her nothing but the best as she works hard for us.



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