Respect the law

TO THE EDITOR: Glad to read that New York State Police will be cracking down on speeders.

I would suggest however they start by policing their own members. I have been driving for 58 years and have driven in 42 of our wonderful states and I have never, I repeat never, observed state police or a state trooper doing the speed limit.

In fact, most times they are going faster than the speeders on the highway. There may be justification for their speed if they are responding to an emergency situation with lights and sirens going, but under normal conditions it should not be condoned.

Do as I say, not as I do may sometimes work with your children but not with the general public. People are more likely to obey the law if they respect the law, and the individuals charged with enforcing it.



Keeps on writing

TO THE EDITOR: I write to Elise Stefanik each time that we as a nation experience tragic events with the hope that she might join with her fellow Congresspersons to change the sad narrative that is unfolding throughout this country.

I’m hopeful that the horrific acts in Gilroy Calif., El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio might prompt her to address the two cancers eating away at American society: gun violence and racial/social intolerance. The two are sadly linked and divisiveness is even fostered by the current administration.

One of her senatorial colleagues indicated that there are many good ideas out there to address the problems, but regretfully there is no political expediency to act on effecting a change under the guise that we might infringe on the First and Second Amendment rights.

The Founding Fathers certainly did not envision the unrest and damage to our American union that is resulting from the misguided interpretation of these rights.

Please, please, do not dust off the “thoughts and prayers” rhetoric that has become a meaningless response from Elise Stefanik’s office, and use the crisis to effect Congressional change and protections for all Americans whether in schools, community events or shopping.


Hannawa Falls

Stefanik is great

TO THE EDITOR: Our region with its tough winters creates additional wear and tear on our infrastructure. There are many problems to address and not nearly enough money to fix them all.

However, Congresswoman Stefanik and her recent announcement of $2.5 million in grant funding from the Northern Border Regional Commission will begin the process of fixing some of our most pressing needs.

The largest projects will be all over Clinton County and will include expanding and repairing roads with bike lanes, a stormwater system, and a sewer and water main system. Rouses Point and Wilmington will get additional funding to create separate wastewater treatment facilities. Furthermore, in Elizabethtown, the funding will go to making the existing trails more accessible and revitalizing its downtown.

These are all huge projects for our area and will spur future development and create jobs in the future. Thank you, Elise Stefanik, for your great job representing us in Washington.



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