She gives back

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to acknowledge Christie Facteau for her giving back to the community.

One of the reasons she should be recognized is because after Christmas she and her kids would donate anything that they don’t use or have no purpose for it. They would bring it all to the church donation boxes behind Our Lady of Victory church.

Another reason is she would give money to people who are less fortunate than her. For example, a few years ago, her and her family went to Boston for a family vacation. When they got to their they went to Quincy Market to go shopping. When they got to the market, they went around shopping at all the different venues.

After going by a couple venues they saw a couple homeless people sitting in the corner of a venue. After Christie saw them, she took money out of her purse and gave them each $20 for them to buy food for the night.

The final reason is that every couple of months, her and her family would go grocery shopping and shop for food for the food shelter. They would buy canned foods, mac and cheese, different types of soups, etc. After her and her family bought all it, they’d drive to the food shelter and give the food they bought to the people who give out food to homeless people in Plattsburgh.

If we all lived in a world like this, the world we be a kinder and happier place.



Likes Upward Bound

TO THE EDITOR: Upward Bound is an astounding program.

Combining people who are going to college with people who are trying to go to college, but don’t have the experience or don’t really have the money was an amazing idea. It allows the spreading of knowledge and reinforces the point that going to college is important.

Not only that, it creates an entire entity that is almost entirely accepting of everyone. Some of my best friend and greatests heroes come from Upward Bound. I would recommend attending this program if you plan on going to college. You will be prepared to go to college, experience classes on a college campus that count as credits towards your school, and spend time with a roommate in a dorm room.

If you attend for three years, you can get job experience by way of a multitude of different internship options if you’re accepted. You get paid to be at these internships, and get job experience.

On Mondays, you even get to participate in a community service that does count towards other community service requirements.

I am currently a student of this program and I feel privileged to be able to attend. Thank you community for supporting this amazing program helping our younger generations.



Teacher helps all

TO THE EDITOR: Steve Patnode has had a major impact on the students lives of Chazy Central Rural School.

Not only is he an extremely kind man he is also very hard working. Mr. Patnode is the library and media specialist for Chazy school. In this position he also takes the task of creating the yearbook every year, helping kids with different projects they may be struggling with, and helping students study for upcoming tests. And he does it all with a smile and with a positive attitude.

He even impacted me personally by sparking my love of books and reading. He was always more than happy to help me find a book to read when I was still unsure on what I liked reading. And when prom time comes around he also takes it upon himself to help with the planning and photograph the event for the students.

Mr. Patnode is an incredibly nice man who has impacted many students' lives at Chazy Central School.



Teacher is remembered

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to bring attention to my teacher, Mrs. Susan Rice at Saranac Lake High School.

Saranac Lake truly lost an amazing teacher when she decided to make 2018-2019 her last year. She was patient, supportive and helpful to my education. She is my favorite teacher.

It is important to pay attention and to thank publicly these great teachers like Sue Rice. Thank you for all that you do


Saranac Lake