Good for community

TO THE EDITOR: The Plattsburgh United Methodist Church loaded 276 bags filled with 25 pairs of shoes (a total of 6,900 pairs of shoes) into a truck from funds2orgs on June 20.

Thank you to the entire community for their amazing support of our shoe drive. Over three months we had incredible support.

Thank you to Koffee Kat and Champlain Mall for keeping our donation boxes visible and for being our most fruitful locations. Thank you to Dress Code for weekly bags of shoes. Thank you to Planet Fitness, the Senior Center, Punki’s, UFirst, Keeseville Library, Beekmantown VFW, Plattsburgh Town Hall, and Rulf’s Orchard for having donation boxes.

Thank you to Grace Bergman at Meron’s for promoting us on Facebook and collecting shoes. Lauren Colver Currie brought us our first bags from the Girl Scouts. Kate and Sean Dermody were instrumental in helping us collect shoes from the PSUC rummage sale. Thanks to the Schroon Lake cub scouts for driving donated shoes to Plattsburgh. Thanks to the Burke, Mooers and Dannemore UMCs for collecting and delivering shoes.

Thank you to 3 Steeples UMC for donating the shoes from their rummage sale. Thank you to Julie at Plattsburgh Housing for allowing placement of boxes and for collecting from them. Thank you to the scouts and food shelf housed in our church for their support. Thank you to Luca and his parents for making it a family project. Thank you to our PUMC congregtion for collecting from family, friends and co-workers.

A huge thank you to Suzanne Moore at the Press-Republican for getting the inital word out and to Josh Mitchell at WPTZ for the great story that kept the momentum going.

The shoes made their way to Miami by rail where they were sorted and expected to be shipped on to Haiti and South America. What a positive event for our community and a successful fundraiser for our church; thank you to all.






Don't park illegally

TO THE EDITOR: Another car parked right in front of our apartment, blocking the way for us to get out.

The workers at the Plattsburgh Rehabilitation and Nursing Center are very inconsiderate of the people who live in the apartments along Bushey Blvd. They are also very rude.

Something needs to be done, because they have plenty of space to park over at the nursing home. If they continue to block our spaces in front of our apartment, I am going to start calling the police and they will be getting a ticket on their cars for illegal parking, and I am very serious about that.

We are sick of them doing this.