Opting out of tests

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to share my concerns (along with many other concerned parents, educators and taxpayers) about the New York state testing for children in grades 3 to 8.

Testing began recently, and although some changes have been made, actually very few, our kids and schools are still suffering the consequences of these state-mandated assessments.

These tests hold zero educational benefit for our kiddos.

Yet, our schools are required to administer them, but parents can still refuse these tests, without reprecussions for their child or for the school.

Check www.nysape.org for updated information for this year's refusal movement, or opt-out, for 2018.

I hope to see coverage on this parental-rights issue to inform parents of their rights which protect their child and even their district.



Pharmaceutical pollutants

TO THE EDITOR: It is not unlikely that the amount of medicines and food-supplements ingested daily in this country must come to millions of grams per day.

After having provided the desired beneficial effects, it is my understanding as a lay person, these substances are eventually excreted from the body. The primary method of excretion is through urination.

Consequently, it is highly probable that millions of grams of excreted pharmaceutical compounds are daily entering the same ecological system from which we extract our drinking water.

Should there, therefore, be tests instituted to insure that the health of the general population is not being adversely affected by these surreptitious pollutants?



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