Earned respect

TO THE EDITOR: I have known Sam Dyer for 25 years. I have worked with Sam on several committees through the New York State Farm Bureau.

Sam Dyer was the person who always had new ideas and solutions. I have the utmost respect for Sam Dyer. Above all, he is always ethical and honest.

I will support Sam Dyer for legislator. Let's put ethics back in our local government.


West Chazy

Effective leader

TO THE EDITOR: I understand that Sally Sears Mack is a candidate for the Clinton County Legislature, and I want to offer this testimonial as to her eminent qualifications.

As the town administrator in the Town of Truro, Mass., from 1996 through 2004, I worked with Sally in her capacity as chairwoman of the Board of Selectmen. Under Sally's leadership, the town maintained its debt ratio, increased its budget and still maintained a low tax rate, increased its reserves more than 20 fold and improved its bond rating from a Baa to an A+.

During her tenure, after 42 years of impasse and indecision, the town finally agreed upon a design, acquired funding and completed reconstruction and expansion of its historic 1848 Town Hall — a significant accomplishment under her leadership. She then commenced a similar effort to replace and expand the town's Senior Center and combine it into a multi-generational facility. She also took the lead role in expanding the stock of affordable housing in this high-cost area.

Sally is an effective leader and administrator, who was very attentive to the needs of and the details necessary to bring people together for the common good and was adept at handling difficult situations.

Sally was also very active in Barnstable County serving on the board of the Barnstable County Councilors and Selectmen's Association; the Barnstable County Business Round Table; and as the elected town assemblywoman from Truro for the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates, where she worked on the revision to the county charter.

In my 47 years of municipal and federal government experience, I think that I can unequivocally state that Sally Sears Mack has been one of the best elected officials I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She will be a superb addition to Clinton County Legislature.


Captain, U.S. Coast Guard (retired) Barnstable Municipal Airport manager

Joyce for justice

TO THE EDITOR: Thankfully, we have a person running for judge in the Town of Plattsburgh that will do his fair share of the work.

Have you ever wondered why Town Court is held on Mondays; is it so that the judge can have six weeks vacation each year, while the other often has court twice a week?

Experience is the other item that the judge is running on; however, 12 years ago, the judge was a seamstress, with no experience.

Jim Joyce will strive to work with our current town justice, share the workload and handle his fair share of night time callouts.

Jim is a proven leader and has made the tough, split-second, life-and-death decisions as a former fire chief.

He will be fair, firm and consistent, and he will treat all residents with respect. I ask you to check the record for yourself, and when you do you will join me at the polls and support Jim Joyce for town justice in the Town of Plattsburgh.

Nov. 8, please vote for Jim Joyce, "the right choice."

Pat Gilman


Helped win grant

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing on behalf of Sally Sears-Mack. I wish to tell you of my experiences with her when she served as our chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

Sally not only did a fabulous job as chairman but she also took the time to help other town committees.

In one instance, when I was chairman of the Housing Authority, my committee and I needed to apply for a grant from Massachusetts Housing Partnership. We had no money to hire a grant writer, like the other towns on the Cape. Sally and our town manager, Bud Breault, spent an afternoon helping us write a grant. We won a grant for $1,500, and we were the only town on the Cape to win.

Thanks to Sally, we will soon have 14 affordable apartments in our town. My committee and I were so grateful for Sally's excellent help and great ideas that enabled us to win this grant that we voted to name the development "Sally's Way."

Sally gave up many personal hours to attend meetings relating to housing issues with me. Her knowledge of our needs were samples of her effort to better our town.

Jeanne Foulke

North Truro, Mass.

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