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TO THE EDITOR: The Town of Plattsburgh soccer program finished a few weeks ago, and once again, it was a success.

This year, we had 20 teams that participated in the Clinton County League and two mini-mites teams that met once a week to practice.

Participants were taught the fundamentals of soccer during practices and were able to test their skills in friendly games against teams all around the county.

As program coordinator, I know there are many people out there who made great contributions toward the success of this program.

I want to thank all the coaches for their time and expertise. They help make the program fun and enjoyable. Thank you to Eric Barnes, Michele Barnes, Toni Barnes, Jim Bobbie, Krista Boule, Tom Brandell, Jonathan Capen, Jon Chapman, Tara Chase, Brandy Ducatte, Amy Hewson, Kelly Hornby, Jackie LaBarge, Jason LaBarge, Mika Mannix, Craig McCasland, TJ Myers, Elizabeth Pearl, Jim Patterson, Paul Perez, Emily Schultz, James Snook, Jon Ubl and Robin VanWeort, who provided a fun, safe, and positive environment for children to learn about soccer.

Thanks to those that helped out as assistant coaches, timers and substitute referees. Our soccer games would not run as efficiently without these volunteers. Your time and dedication is appreciated.

I would like to recognize all the sports officials who refereed our games this fall season. Many of them juggled school and their own soccer schedule on top of officiating duties. They all did an excellent job as sports officials and should be recognized for their dedication and responsibility.

Thank you to Sydney Adolfo, Adam Archuleta, Christina Bedard, Chris Fall, Summer Gillespie, Kaitlyn Guynup, Emily Heywood, Rebecca Heywood, Micalli Johnston, Elijah Kelting, Amy Lotemplio, Austin Myers, Dylan Reynolds, Abigail Terry and Emma Webster.

I hope to see you all back next year.


Recreation Program coordinator

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