No global warming

TO THE EDITOR: Well, only 17 years left. Who can forget that three years ago one of the professors at the college stood up and made the claim that due to supposed global warming, "in 20 years the Adirondacks will be like North Carolina"? Surely one of the stupidest statements I think I've ever heard.

I don't care if the entire faculty of Harvard, Penn and Cornell believe in global warming or how many millions of dollars of grants they manage to confiscate or how many refereed publications they amass. There is no global warming caused by carbon dioxide.

The ice caps on Mars are melting, the luminosity of Neptune has increased, the polar bears, according to the aboriginal Inuit of Canada, are more numerous than they've ever been. The glaciers on Kilimanjaro have decreased because of deforestation, not global warming, and at least nine points made in Al Gore's publicity gimmick have been proven false, or at least not proven. Just for good measure, why is what we call "Greenland" today just a big block of ice?

I can cite Nobel Prize winners, former members of the United Nations IPCC who have recanted and many important and well-published scientists, all of whom dispute the scientific so-called evidence for global warming. And unlike Al Gore, I don't stand to make billions because of what I believe.

Liberals are always trying to save the world from something. There are good reasons to reduce the burning of fossil fuels, but global warming is not one of them.

Neal Duffy

Department of Economics and Finance SUNY Plattsburgh

Existing resources

TO THE EDITOR: Bill Owens, thank you for communicating about your bill to tap the oil reserves.

Why is it necessary to create a bill to do this? Isn't this within the power of the President to simple execute? Looking forward, what are your plans to reduce the chance of this reoccurring? Why do we allow other countries to affect our economy in such a manner? We certainly have enough oil within our borders to provide a much greater independence of energy. Why not start a bill to allow drilling within our borders?

Let's use our existing resources to our benefit to reduce dependency on Mideastern countries and create jobs in America. Do you really want to help solve the problem, or are you another politician using smoke and mirrors to make us think you are doing something for us? What are you waiting for?

Edward Merrill


Help with Mardi Gras

TO THE EDITOR: For many years, we have enjoyed a Mardi Gras celebration at Peru Community Church to usher in the Lenten season.

We have crafts, mask-making and face-painting activities, along with a giant cake walk (winners take home a cake of their choice).

Thank you to the Stewart's Shop in Peru, which provided make-your-own-Sundae kits. It is a huge hit every year!

And special thanks to our chili chefs, Doug Holdridge and Roy Perry. We are blessed to have their expertise in the kitchen preparing both meat and vegetarian chili for all to eat.

Lana Knight

Director of Christian Education Peru Community Church

Winter weather

TO THE EDITOR: By now everyone are fed up to their eyeballs with winter and snow except for the avid skier and ski resort.

This abundance of white stuff cramps many lifestyles but made for a good conversation piece.

Talk about hot topic. High gas prices, the economy or even the chaos happening around the world takes back stage to the weather.

I made more friends this winter than any other time in my life with strangers who want to talk about the weather.

Watching the evening news and weather is humorous; even the meteorologists are afraid to say the S word. I myself am not immune to this kind of wacky weather; two weeks ago, I was ready to pack my bag and go anyplace but the North Country.

Every now and then, we all tend to blame someone for a bad situation. I say, blame the groundhog along with the clowns who pluck him out of the hole.

And by the way, if you don't like the North Country weather, stick around; it will change.

Joan Henderson

Ellenburg Depot

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