2nd Infantry reunion

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to let veterans of the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division know about our organization and of our upcoming reunion.

The Penn-Jersey Branch of the Second Indianhead Division Association will hold its annual reunion in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, May 2 to 4 at the Continental Inn.

All veterans of the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division are invited.

For more information, call Jack Woodall at (610) 274-1409 or send an email to warriorvet@verizon.net.


Membership/Public Relations chairman

2nd (Indianhead) Division Association Inc.


Melting ice sheet

TO THE EDITOR: We just had a 40-Fahrenheit day sandwiched between ice storms and frigid temperatures.

Perhaps you noticed how much easier it is to move ice when there is just the thinnest layer of water underneath it. It is like chipping concrete to get ice off when frozen solidly to driveway or sidewalk, but if just a little melting happens, it lets go sooo much easier.

The Greenland ice sheet is almost a mile thick. It has been frozen solidly to the bedrock for the last 10,000 years or so. It has been as impossible for it to move as that ice frozen solidly to your sidewalk. 

However, recent years have included record warmth, like liberally applying ice melter to your frozen driveway on a sunny day.

In 2012, a record breaking 97 percent of the ice-sheet surface had thawed by July 12. This causes melt-water rivers and canyons on the surface of the ice sheet. Lakes of melt water miles across and tens of feet deep form on the surface of the ice sheet.

Such lakes disappear when they drain down through the ice, plunging to the base of the ice sheet, freeing it from the bedrock, lubricating it and allowing it to begin to slide toward the ocean. 

When the ice sheet on Greenland disappears, it will raise the level of the world’s oceans by more than 20 feet. 

Every additional day that we continue to burn fossil fuels makes it more likely that today’s children will watch this happen during their lifetimes. 

Please see 5-minute video: http://www.yaleclimatemediaforum.org/2013/07/this-is-not-cool-yale-forum-video-details-melting-of-greenland-ice-sheet/