Boutique closing

to the editor: It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of the Transitions Boutique at 37 Bridge St., Plattsburgh. I feel our mission to help others and to provide an environment for volunteers to give back to the community will continue in other ways. Many of our volunteers have made lifelong friends through our years at Transitions Boutique, and I feel many families have benefited from our work. I feel the best was yet to come.

We must say good-bye to our friends who have generously donated items and to our dedicated customers. I will certainly miss the stories you have shared and the connections we have made. I firmly believe in the Transitions/Hospice cause, and I'm proud to say that I was part of a great Transitions team.

In closing, I would like to thank the Transitions Boutique volunteers for their dedication and endless efforts. Thank you Barbara Steyert, Chris Meschinelli, Harriet Taylor, Janice Trombly, Jane Kowalowski, Eleanor Frenyea, Lorna Hohn, Gloria Breyette, Kathryn Geroulo, Debbie Defayette, Diane Brady, Sonja LaPoint, Theresa Dudyak, Pat Zimmerman and all other volunteers who have worked at Transitions in the past.

Bev DuBray

Volunteer coordinator Transitions Boutique

Retreats offered

to the Editor: Creative Healing Connections, which provides arts and healing retreats for women living with cancer and other chronic illnesses, has several full scholarships available for two upcoming Adirondack retreats, Sept. 23-25 and Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2011. There are two types of scholarships, one for women living with breast cancer, and another for women who may use the Adirondack Medical Center services.

The retreats provide the participants the opportunity to connect with other North Country women facing similar challenges (and thus build or expand one's support network). During the retreat, the participants learn lots of techniques for enhancing their quality of life, are provided opportunities to engage in a variety of arts activities for individual and collective self-expression, and stay at Great Camp Sagamore, an Adirondack Great Camp once owned by the Vanderbilts.

Sagamore offers a glorious setting with its own lake, nature trails and fabulous food. It is a safe, peaceful, natural setting where the participants join a community that will listen to their story as it unfolds, support their healing and celebrate their growth.

These grants are partially underwritten by a grant from Adirondack Medical Center Foundation. For more information please email, see our website at, or contact Fran Yardley at 359-9324 or Karen Glass at 576-2058.

Martha Pritchard Spear

Upper Jay

Flood deduction

TO THE EDITOR: On June 10, FEMA declared Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties flood disaster areas for the period April 26 to May 8, 2011.

Inland and Lake Champlain areas were all affected by the unprecedented heavy rains.

Unfortunately, no help is forthcoming from FEMA for individual property owners sustaining heavy economic losses, despite the best efforts of our senators and congressman to convince FEMA otherwise.

I sent our two senators and congressman letters suggesting another approach. A casualty loss can be claimed as an itemized deduction on either a taxpayer's 2011 federal income tax return or by amending the 2010 income tax return, whichever is more favorable for the taxpayer.

The problem is that beginning in 2010 each property owner must exclude 10 percent of his/her income plus $100 from his or her uninsured repair cost. Thus a loss of $8000 for a homeowner with income of $50,000 would be reduced by $100 plus $5,000, for a deduction of $2,900.

My suggestion is to reduce the 10-percent exclusion for 2011 to the exclusion allowed in 2009 and earlier: a flat $100. This would be only for those in FEMA declared disaster areas.

If Congress were to do this, the same taxpayer would get a deduction of $7,900 instead of the $2,900 as per current law.

If you agree, write, call or email Senators Schumer, Gillibrand and Congressman Owens. This change would need to be completed prior to year end 2011.

This would be a substantial benefit to those whose homes were damaged. In any case, keep receipts and records to document your loss.



Joining unions

TO THE EDITOR: Before 1965 and since 1965, union (including in-part company union) principles do in part prohibit one from requiring another to join a union (including in-part company union) as a condition of employment, reference National Labor Relations Act (law) (Wagner Act [law]) of 1935, Taft-Hartley Act (law) of 1947 and Landrum-Griffin Act (law) of 1959.

Economic principles in-part do include the following:

No economic recession in the most recent 15 years, thus there could be no economic depression and no economic recovery in the most recent 15 years.

No economic recession in the most recent 15 years, thus there could be no economic recovery in the most recent 15 years.

These economic principles would be understood as mandatory with accurate education in college economics.



Baseball tourney

TO THE EDITOR: The third-annual Terry Brunell Memorial Baseball Tournament was held on July 10 at Feinberg Park in Altona.

This tournament is held to raise funds for a scholarship fund and to make repairs to the ballfields in Altona. This was a huge success, and the Brunell family would like to thank the businesses and individuals without those sponsorship and help this day would not have taken place: American Legion Post 1619, Woodmen of the World Lodge 462, Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Pepsi, Mountain Mart 101, Northern Tier Snow Runners, Glaziers, L&M Convenience Store, Price Chopper/Champlain, Lashway's Meat Market, LaBarre's Store, Plattsburgh Distributing, Bimbo Foods, Day Wholesale, Dick's Sporting Goods, Rainbow Banquet Hall, Sam's Club, Randy and Carol Lashway, Jim and Judy Merrihew, Robert, Mary Ann, Jenn, Taylor and Kennedy Wood, Bev and Chris LaBarge, Gary, Missy and Cody Peryea, A Taste of the Adirondacks, Rand Hill Maple, Begors Supply, The Cutting Edge, Cumberland 12, Play It Again Sports, Parker's Chevrolet, LaBarge Agency, Anthony's Restaurant, Bushey's Auto Repair, Corner Stone Drugstore, Community Bank, Phil's Chevrolet, Sample Lumber, Valley Vending, Sheila's Salon, Mainely Lobster, Steve Dubuque, Super Cuts, Nelson's Florist, Ganienkeh Golf Course, Ganienkeh Bingo Hall, JL & Sons Guns Gifts & Gear, Gumas Restaurant, Jen, Joey and Dalton Gilmore, Jamie and Bryce LaBarge, Dennis LaBarge, Greg Boulrice, Nick Trombley, Scott Lashway, April Bush, Penny Hendrie, Sara and Jim Knight, Town of Altona, Clair and Todd Lambert.

We would also like to thank all the players, parents, coaches and spectators who came out and supported this event. The kids truly enjoyed the day, and we look forward to hosting this event again next year.


The Brunell family Altona

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