Garden expert

TO THE EDITOR: Bravo, kudos and thank you to the Kent-Delord House Garden Club who recently sponsored a delightful evening with Kerryann Mendey, a self-taught perennial-garden expert.

The lecture by Mendey offered the audience information, gardening tips and guides for successful gardening in our area. Local merchants, artisans, businesses, etc., donated gifts and items for a silent auction, and refreshments were served.

The event was attended by hundreds of gardening enthusiasts, and each left with renewed energy and ideas for their own gardens.

How very fortunate Plattsburgh is to have such a wonderful organization devoted and supportive of the Kent Delord House, Museum and Garden preservation. The house is truly one of Plattsburgh's historical gems.

Thank you to the Garden Club members for the effort involved in bringing us all such a wonderful evening.



Democrat candidates

TO THE EDITOR: The Republican Party and its Tea Party allies are once again supporting tax cuts for the rich while they talk about doing away with Social Security and Medicare. Why do we keep putting these people into office? I could go on and on with the reasons why this is insane, but I do not think that will be necessary. Election day is coming up and I urge all who are eligible to vote. County offices such as county legislator and coroner are on the ballot.

The Democrat Party has worked hard to give you a slate of candidates who are not only highly suited for these positions, but who are also dedicated and hard working. Candidates such as John Gallagher, Sally Sears Mack and Dave Donah.

I urge you to consider voting for these candidates; they will work hard in return. John and Dave have already proved this and deserve to be re-elected.

Sally pledges to be a full-time legislator. She has a can-do attitude and a dynamite personality. She has also served in town-level offices in Cape Cod. If elected, She will devote herself to this critical position and she will strive to represent the electorate of the south side of the City and Cliff Haven as well as the rest of her district.

At the state level, John Selvesti is running for State Supreme Court Judge. The State Supreme Court has a majority Republican make up. The Democratic Party has managed in recent years to get two justices on this court. We are aiming, with your help, to get a third highly qualified judge on the Supreme Court. Your vote counts. We are counting on you. Help us, so we can help you.

Joe Gittens

Chairman City of Plattsburgh Democrat Party

Devoted candidate

TO THE EDITOR: In my past involvement with the North Country Mission of Hope, I have worked with James Carlin in a number of areas. I have found that James has a clear sight to practical and logical solutions working with a team of people or individually. When faced with challenges, James finds ways to work around or through them that produce results that make sense.

I have also found James to be truly devoted and compassionate. His dedication is an advantage to the organization we both support as well as the many, many people that he has helped in Nicaragua, the target area of efforts for the Mission of Hope.

His kindness, matched with his deliberate, steady practicality, make things happen and get things done; a real asset to an organization trying to help the poor and underprivileged.

James's leadership style is inspiring. He is a man of scrupulous values and brings all of his honesty, skills and beliefs to the efforts he is involved in. I am proud to call James a friend.


President Dobilas Advisors New Windsor

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