Party platform

To the editor: Unlike some contributors (who are criticized for supporting conservative causes), I try to research my topics and identify my sources.

The Tea Party position wants four major things to happen this November and following November's through 2012.

▶ Cut drastically the unnecessary spending by our socialistic governmental leaders like their (a) $600 million for an amusement park, airfield and marine terminal expansion at Port of Dubai; (b) $785,000 to Northwestern University to teach computers to tell jokes; (c) $1.9 million to California Tech to identify ant species; (d) $677,000 to Georgia State to study primate responses to unfairness; (e) $762,362 to a single individual at Georgia Tech professor to study improvisational music and 95 more such wastes of your money in the Stimulus Plan that the socialistic Democrats have forced on us.

Sens. Coburn and McCain will provide you this list, free of charge for the asking.

▶ Eliminate at the polls the voices of socialism in the Houses of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The Heritage Foundation stands ready to provide you a list at no charge.

▶ Send a message to the Oval Office. We recommend that you ask for the resignation of your socialistic advisers like Rahm Emanuel, George Soros, Donald Berwick, Timothy Geithner, Jennifer Granholm, Marianne Means and the apostles of appeasement like Ross Baker, Dewayne Wickham, Ronald Goldfarb, etc., and replace them with Cal Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, Ralph Peters and John Crudele.

▶ Lastly, we want to consult with former Attorney General Ashcroft, Theodore Olson and Allan Sears about the possibility of impeachment provisions against activist judges like Susan Bolton that violate their oaths of office by refusing the enforcement of the laws they do not like though duly constituted, that prior restraint is just as unconstitutional as is the taking of a bribe.

Jim Knapp


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