Correcting record

To the editor: I must correct the record regarding my Republican designating petitions. The wording I used was "114th New York State Assembly District."

My petitions were reviewed by one County Board of Elections and telephonically with the State Board of Elections. I had no reason to doubt their skill in determining whether a petition is properly completed or not. Since the case law is not referenced in the election law, I did not know it existed. Indeed, several Republican Assembly incumbents worded their petition the same way I did.

The real story here is that my opponent will do anything for personal political gain. I will not. My opponent's lawyer admitted in open court that the charges were hastily done and that the 56 allegations such as "misspelling my name" were false. It is noteworthy that my opponent made 56 false claims for personal gain. That should have been the lead story.

My opponent had over 200 ineligible signatures. She had an additional 200 legally, not technically, invalid signatures. I would much rather lose the petitions for a technicality than to knowingly submit fraudulent signatures. I will not tie up courts for personal gain, so the standard I used was whether she had the minimum required signatures or not.

Many in the organized Republican committees did not want to circulate for my opponent, but were told that they were required to in order to remain on their committees. Several threatened to resign until they were assured that they actually had a choice.

Finally, I would never silence the speech of 1,245 people.

I will work to reduce paperwork and bureaucracy. My opponent embraces her ability to fill out government paperwork. Surprisingly, this experience has provided the opportunity to point out another difference between the two of us. For that, I am grateful.

David Kimmel


All-Stars grateful

To the editor: I would like to congratulate all involved in the successful 2010 Plattsburgh Little League All-Star Tournament Weekend July 24 and 25.

With the risk of missing anyone that made the weekend a success, I would like to recognize and thank the following individuals for their contributions:

The weekend long concession efforts of Mary Bedard, Becky Jabaut, Leslie Wyand, Steve and Rosie Bedard at South Acres (U12); as well as Michelle Geddes, Nancy Browne, Tammie and Kevin Champagne, Tracy and Paul Larche, Mandi A. Bordeau, Jackie Vogl, Duane McPherson and Ron Dumass at South Platt (U10).

The organizational efforts of Tracie McCarthy, Wouter Reitsma, April Bingle, Rahn Marion, Steve Criss, Steve Wood and Brian Marino.

The hard work of the City Recreation Department in preparing the fields and facilities for the event.

Also, Chief Umpire Goose Gagnon and his staff of young umpires: Krystian Sherman, Nate Emery, James Stiger and Cody Bushey, along with umpiring veterans' Rollie McGee, Shawn LaFountain, Ken Drake, Michael Bergman, Jake Tolosky, John Miller, Bruce Carter, Tim Dodd, John Mahan, Steve Wood and Brian Marino.

The sponsorship and continued support of Plattsburgh Little League by CSEA Local 884 President and Tournament Commissioner, Joe Musso.

Finally the players, coaches and parents that took part in the 18-team, two-day event capped by victories by Ticonderoga in both the U10 and U12 divisions.

Mike Bordeau

Little League


SOLVE grateful

To the editor: I refer to the article you printed on July 27 announcing the start-up of SOLVE Composites in Plattsburgh (titled "New company to start production at Imperial Park"). Besides the people listed in your article who greatly helped us in this process, and to whom we are thankful, as chairman of Solve Composites, LLC, I also would like to specifically thank Sen. Betty Little, Congressman William Owens and Gary Douglas, president of Plattsburgh Chamber of Commerce, for their help and dedication to our project. Without them, we would not have come so far in such a short amount of time, and would not be, as of today, manufacturing high quality composite parts for the transportation and architectural industries in the great city of Plattsburgh.

Damien Jacquinet


SOLVE Composites LLC


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