Appreciates support

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to send out a special thank you to the members of the Peru Fire Department and Auxiliary for hosting, organizing and cooking a delicious spaghetti dinner for my recent benefit.

We would also like to thank everyone who came to support our family.

Many thanks to the following businesses and individuals who donated items for the auction: Apple Blossom Florist; Jennifer Curtis (Pampered Chef); Susan Bourn and Holly Bush (Tupperware); Tina Salter (Mary Kay); Melissa Mooney and Chrissy Maguire (Avon); Crickets Restaurant; Edy's Of Course: Grand Union; Green Acres; Kinney Drugs (Watertown); Liberty's Garage; Mangia Restaurant; Premier Tan & Body; Rapture Hair Designs; Shear Creations; Steven Bailey Salon & Spa; Swain's Wine & Liquor; Valley Vending; Ann's Tailor Shop; Target; Harmony Golf Course; Rulfs; Liberty Tax Services; Altona Fire Department; Kraft Foods; Amber LaValley; Arletta Duprey; Brad Bouvia; Chris Bourn; Dave Brown; Judy Kirch; Janice Williams; Kim Call and Shannon Gilmore (Scentsy); Shari Cobb; Sharon Bouvia; Sue Shambo; and Betty Ellis.

We sincerely appreciate all the support the community has provided for our family during my battle with cancer. It is nice to know that we live in such a great community that supports and cares for its own.

Heidi, Tyler and Kaitlynn Williams Kim and Richard Williams


Alternative energy

TO THE EDITOR: Supporting, in fact encouraging, the notion that wind turbines are somehow a visual blight in a city of tall buildings, electrical towers, water towers and similar structures is a sure-fired way to help promote corporate energy propaganda.

Limiting the kilowatt-hour output of wind turbines is tantamount to clever, manipulative zoning. Middle and lower classes sink further into poverty while government apparently operates for the benefit of special interests.

No carbon tax will stop deforestation, reduce the amount of coal burned in electrical power plants, slow down vehicle usage or reduce the amount of Co2 already in the atmosphere, all of which ensures global warming will continue to accelerate for at least another 50 years if humans worldwide didn't burn another ounce of fossil fuels from now through perpetuity. Replacing coal-and oil-fired power plants with clean energy sources like geo-thermal, solar, tidal and wind turbines must be initiated now.

It's not environmentalists who fear greenhouse gases are warming the planet past the point of no return; it's the overwhelming majority of the entire world's scientific community, including every national scientific academy of every nation on Earth, and every international scientific organization that has anything to do with climate. Science and Technology Committees in the House of Representatives are now largely stocked and controlled by members who serve at the pleasure of corporate interests, chiefly climate-change deniers installed through vast financial efforts from coal, oil and gas industries.

Frederick Warner


Indoor soccer

TO THE EDITOR: Just a note to quickly thank a few groups and individuals. First and foremost, the Crete and the staff of the Plattsburgh Recreation Department, who run the indoor soccer program during the winter months.

There aren't enough words to thank you for putting on such a great program for not only my U-12 team, but for all ages to play.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Hunt True for providing our team with such sharp-looking shirts. The kids were truly grateful, and they looked great.

To my parents, thank you for driving to practices, driving to games and being flexible with scheduling. I cannot thank you enough for letting me coach your kids. I am truly lucky to have gotten to know them and you over the last 5-plus months.

Lastly to my kids, you are truly an impressive bunch. Watching you become better players over the two sessions of soccer we played was truly my pleasure. I look forward to seeing you all next season and thank you again.

Coach Jaclyn M. Carter


St. Jude's walk

TO THE EDITOR: I am trying to contact anyone who is interested in a walk for St. Jude's kids, to be held May 21.

Everyone is welcome.

Let's show St. Jude's that Plattsburgh can have a great turnout for these kids and their families.

If interested, please contact me at 493-5804.


West Chazy

Jail searches

TO THE EDITOR: On March 16, I read the article about searches of convicted felons going to the county jail, awaiting going to state prison.

The powers that be should have to work in a facility before they pass a stupid law, such as not to strip-frisk incoming inmates.

That's like closing the barn door after the horses have already gotten out. They're tying the hands of officers trying to do their job.

It's time to repeal that law. Correction officers have a tough enough job as it is.

If you don't like or want to be searched, don't commit the crime, and you won't have to go to jail.



Plowed driveway

TO THE EDITOR: I'd like to extend a thank-you to the person who plowed my driveway during the big snowstorm.

I have no idea who you are, but thank you very much. It was greatly appreciated since I shovel myself out and it would have taken me days.

Thank you.



Tough love

TO THE EDITOR: I read with pleasure the article of SUNY Albany president concerning the discipline action because of the misbehavior of students during St. Patrick's Day.

He took away an important event to teach the youths they must learn to behave in their present environment. They were not sent home for vacation time.

I hope he has the courage to follow through. If the Fountain Day event is lost this year, it will be remembered not only for the next St. Patrick's Day but also for any other holiday celebrations.

He is hoping the younger generation has and will learn its lesson through this discipline. It is called "tough love."

The students returning in the fall will inform the next group of students of what has happened this year and may be able to encourage the newcomers to behave in their present environment.

The Fountain Day event could be returned only if the group matured enough to behave as responsible adults. Congratulations!



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