As defined in Webster's Dictionary, patriotism is love of one's country.

A patriot is one who loves and is devoted to his native country and its welfare.

For the most part, Americans identify themselves as good loyal patriots, and rightly so.

There is, though, a segment of opportunists who will use the system for self-aggrandizement driven by greed to a complete disregard of the welfare of the nation. This group will go to extremes to achieve wealth and power, "country be damned." They are bright and educated and pose beneath their lapel pin of loyalty as do-gooders and lovers of our great nation.

A classic example of pseudo love of country is the uproar over immigration, especially directed to our south -- the Mexicans.

The goal of the entrepreneur is cheap labor. There is little concern about Mexican welfare compared to American labor, and they will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

There is a solution to the influx of migrant labor. If the goal is to stem the flow, the employer should refrain from hiring them. The need for sophisticated electronic fences and the presence of National Guards would be significantly altered. To the employer rests the success of the mission. The monitoring of existing Mexican problems can be dealt with knowing that the illegal flow of immigrants is no longer a threat.

You, Mr. Employer, can be a good and devoted patriot of the country without flying a flag from your lawn or shouldering a gun. You, Mr. Employer, would be concerned not only with self but with the welfare of country. This is truly patriotism.

Our American society is full of opportunists not only in immigration misdeeds but in any place where money can be made. These people will, for the most part, stay within the law, just within the law -- and manipulate the system so it will yield the greatest profit.

A case in point is how the free press, the media, is being purchased by corporate investors. That includes TV and radio, stretching across the country and abroad. The primary concern is profit. For the most part, the delivery of news is honest and forthright but limited. I define this as selective omission. We only get part of the story. The plan of the corporation is quite clear: buy all the media available, print that portion of the truth of your choice and continue the sham of a free press. Already, it is felt throughout America. The change is occurring. The small town chronicles are disappearing, and the small dailies are accentuating local news at the expense of world events. There are periods, silent periods, with little or no reports on the progress of the war in Iraq. Are these owners interested in the welfare of country or welfare of their pocketbook? I doubt the love of country. Their form of patriotism is a presence, a sporting event and the salute of the flag. That is not enough.

Love of country takes many forms. One of the main ingredients is patience. This, of course, is easier said than done, especially with regard to outsourcing.

The concept of the original corporations has been so diluted that it is hardly recognizable. I speak of corporations because they are the ones escaping America for greater profit. The decision to leave rests not in the hands of the shareholders but is delegated to a few at the top.

These few will go with the business; the rest will be jobless with little or no remuneration. The loyal Americans will in anger not only condemn the corporation but America for letting it happen. Those who abandoned America for China do not understand or care.

The concept of love of country is instead love of money. Those who were left behind will, when recovered, pick up the pieces and rebuild a life with greater safety measures in place. These are the real patriots without marching bands, just love of country.

Perhaps the greatest number of patriots are those who, with constructive criticism, are helping to build for a better America. There is a rumble across America, a stirring. The choice for a democratic candidate for president is imminent. Record numbers of people are voting.

You can sense that change is possible.

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