At least I didn't get hurt this time. I've done many interesting and often foolish things in my life; however, I might possibly be the only adult ever injured playing mini golf.

I was reminded of that unpleasant happenstance during our recent vacation at Myrtle Beach.

Kaye and I love the mini putt variety of golf. We've enjoyed hundreds of miniature golf courses through the years.

One of the most poignant memories involved a Myrtle Beach vacation about 15 years ago. I was just about to putt when one of the kids vacationing with us started to take a shot out of turn. I jumped aside to avoid the ball and fell into the water along the course.

I was wearing shorts at the time. My knees and shins collided violently with the rippled and very sharp concrete base of the little man-made river. It ripped the skin in several directions.

My pride was shattered, not to mention other body parts. I lumbered to my feet and our party left the course abruptly. Embarrassment prevented me from telling management of my injuries.

I didn't tell the rental car company how blood stains got onto the driver's side seat. I was fearful that they might suspect a murder.

Our first aid kit got a workout. It ended up looking like I cut myself while shaving my legs. In retrospect, I wish we had captured the moment on video for posterity and for America's Funniest Videos.

Our experiences at that popular sport have been much less eventful over the years and this vacation in the sunny South was no exception. Kaye and I are such fans that we rushed out minutes after our plane landed and played 54 holes before our bags were unpacked.

After walking into the mini putt office, we spotted a young man behind the counter and were about to pay when we heard loud snoring. It was he. His chair was tilted back, his head was slumped to one side and he was cutting Zs big time.

We could have grabbed clubs and balls and headed out to play free all day long, but honesty prevailed and I awakened him with a loud "Hey!" He rubbed his eyes and apologized with the excuse that "I was out drinking with my boss last night." He gave us a very good price for the day.

For Kaye and me, Myrtle Beach has a lot of things going for it. The fact that it has dozens of interesting and challenging miniature golf courses is only one of them.

It's hard for us to choose a favorite, but in the top five is a place called Mount Atlanticus Minotaur Golf. It stands out as a landmark when you drive by. What makes it unique is that is was built in and on a three-story former department store.

I have never climbed so many stairs in my life. For the first time, our mini golf experience there was a real physical workout as we went from the ground floor to the roof and back again. Our grandson Chad and his wife Kim joined us and we had a ball.

Myrtle Beach has often been tagged as the miniature golf capital of the world and I can understand that designation. One place, called the Hawaiian Rumble, has claimed the title of the most famous mini golf course on earth. Championships are played there, but believe me when I tell you that our party failed to set anything close to low scores. We just play for fun.

On the porch, we lingered to watch the antics of several caged and colorful parrots and lovebirds. I captured the images and varied vocabulary in video and still formats. One reached out with his claw and tried to grab the camera out of my hand. I'm quite certain that he would love to have had a piece of my finger as well.

Our friends Gloria and her sister Marion joined us on the beach. We watched as a man and woman seemed to be diligently digging for something in a sand bank.

I was curious. Gloria walked out and approached them. Long story short is that they were digging for a special kind of shiny shell and were having good luck at it. Even more amazing is that they were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Piller from Ganong Drive in Saranac. Dan has worked with our son Greg at Dannemora Correctional Facility for many years. Small world.

Kaye and I celebrated our anniversary at "MB" on May 4 -- still madly in love after all this time.

We shopped. We ate. We met new friends. We walked on the beach. We shot dozens of fabulous photographs of people and places and glorious sunrises.

When we landed in Burlington last Saturday, we said a silent prayer of gratitude, looked at each other and whispered "This is about as good as it gets."

Have a great day and please, drive carefully.

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