CHEERS to a pair of anonymous passers-by for spreading a dose of positivity.

Press-Republican Night Editor Ben Rowe was going for a lunch-break walk through Downtown Plattsburgh last week when a car pulled up beside him.

The passenger of the car reached out and called Ben over. Thinking the travelers might be looking for directions, he approached.

Instead, the passenger reached out and passed him a bright green sticky note that had been folded over.

“This is for you,” the passenger explained, “Have a wonderful day.”

With that, the car pulled away from the curb and drove off.

Unfolding the note, Ben found a simple message inside:

“You are amazing. Don’t you forget it.”

The moment and note made Ben’s day and perked him up against the weight of looming deadlines.

But even if he hadn’t been feeling down, the note would still have been a welcome gift.

Such well-wishing is the kind of advice your grandmother might have given in all her wisdom: Go out today and compliment someone, give them a smile or pay for their cup of coffee.

We’ve likely all experienced such acts of kindness and generosity at some point, and likely performed such acts ourselves.

But, in the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life, it can often be all too easy to think there’s no time to talk to your co-worker beyond asking for that budget sheet, or talk to a cashier beyond giving your order.

Worse yet, with social media and intensifying social and political divisions, it can seem sometimes that people take more time out to critique or attack one another rather than support each other.

Such was the case with Ben, who honestly wondered for a moment if the car passengers had pulled over to shout at him for something.

It’s no wonder given the frequent viral videos showing people being confronted and harrassed by random passers-by on sidewalks, in restaurants and in grocery stores.

One has to wonder what toll it takes on our minds wandering around and wondering if today will be the day we end up in such a confrontation.

So what a wonderful breath of fresh air that note and its writers were for a worker on his lunch break.

It didn’t even need to be a long message, just a reminder that everyone can relate to but can often forget: that you’re trying your best and deserve to feel good about that.

So here’s to passing that message along to whoever needs it today: “You are amazing. Don’t you forget it.”

Pass it on.