CHEERS to summer and all the wonderful opportunities it presents us here in the majestic North Country.

Summer officially begins tomorrow, but the recent warm weather suggests that it has been here for awhile now, and what a treat.

We are beginning to see all of the signs of a fantastic summer. Farmers markets are bustling, outdoor concerts are being held, outdoor dining is attracting many folks, local baseball, softball and soccer leagues are humming along, the local beaches are slowly bringing in more people and backyard pools are open.

The Adirondack hiking season is also in full swing as is boating season as hopefully more and more Canadian boat owners will venture down to launch their vessels after two years of laying dormant on marina shores due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are lucky to live where we live and experience four full seasons of nature.

The fall around here is breathtaking as area hills and valleys are filled with amazing colors drawing people from all over to gaze and snap pictures. Leaf-peeping season has been a boon to local businesses and is another way to show off our wonderful region.

Our area apple crops are among the best in the world, and offer a great opportunity for families to go pick them fresh off the trees and grab a fresh pumpkin or two.

Winters can be tough around here, but still enjoyable. We don’t get the tons of snow that the snowbelt of New York gets in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse regions, but we get our fair share.

We do get pretty cold temperatures, sometimes bone-chilling well below zero, that keeps us shivering, but it also provides for great ice fishing and outdoor skating and pond hockey.

Area ski centers also do well in the cold as they are able to produce mounds of artificial snow with their massive snow guns. And we are fortunate to have such great ski areas as Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington, Titus Mountain in Malone and the wonderful family ski area of Beartown.

Spring can be kind of messy around here as winter thaws and we see mud season. But we also have maple syrup season in the spring and the blooming of trees and flowers that give us hope for a soon-to-arrive summer season.

Summer is perhaps everyone’s favorite season of the year in these parts, although winter and fall might put up a good fight. People can’t wait to get outside in shorts and T-shirts and flip flops and meet up with friends they haven’t seen all winter and have a good time.

We are seeing it now as many Downtown Plattsburgh eateries have full sections of outdoor seating each night and area parks are getting more use.

There is also the Fourth of July and Mayor’s Cup celebrations to look forward to as well as many other nice events such as this past weekend’s Museum Days and Juneteenth celebrations.

And, of course, there is always Lake Champlain and many other area lakes and ponds where people can go to cool off and relax.

Summer in the North Country is an easy season to market with so much to offer and we are proud and glad to boast about the place we live in.

So here’s to enjoying summer and all she brings us for the next three months.

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