PLATTSBURGH — View Max's wolf-costume adventures in the front garden of Tim and Judy Gibbons at 51 Lorraine St. in Plattsburgh.

“It was my friend Chris Whalen's idea this year that we do 'Where the Wild things Are,'” Judy said.

My daughter brought over a copy of the book to me. I painted six of the different portraits from the book and put those out there.”


Tim erected a small bridge that lights up in the evening.

“So, when the kids come, they love the bridge,” Judy said.

“They just love the bridge. We've had a lot of visitors.”


The six scenes from author/illustrator Maurice Sendak's award-winning children's picture book are placed strategically in the lush garden.

“We had hoped to put up one of the lending libraries, but the summer is just going by so quickly and we just haven't gotten it up yet,” Judy said.

“So, hopefully that will be up by next year. It was supposed to be a this-year project, but it didn't happen.”


She started painting the canvasses in March, and it took only about four days to get them all done.

“I finished them all and had them standing in a corner forever until it was nice enough to go outside on stakes,” she said.

Garden updates include a tall, dark male chiminea for her female chiminea.

She re-purposes the portable metal fire pits into people and is on the lookout for smaller ones to create a family.

“They rusted out, so people were getting rid of them,” Judy said.

“My home is the home that all things come to be re-purposed or something. The guy across the street, Mike, was getting rid of his chiminea, and he said, 'Jeez, this looks like something you could use.'

“He carried it over for me, put it on the front porch, and then a day later it was out in the garden.”


Calla lilies are just adding their yellow-orange blooms to the floral pop in her front garden.

Luna and York, 10-week old Labrador/beagle rescues, have decimated the rear garden.

“My marigolds are now a smorgasbord,” Judy said.

“They've dug holes. We have fences up all over the place just trying to protect things. It's a good thing they're cute because that's the only thing that's saving them right now.”

Come dusk, little feet will dance across Tim's lighted bridge as the Wild Things disappear into the dark.

A recent high-school graduate visited with family members to share with them one of her favorite childhood memories.

“It's nice to be part of somebody else's history,” Judy said.


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