If you go to buy beer, cigarettes or cold medicine, you’ll need to produce identification. Head to the voting booth, however, and proving you are who you say you are is too much of a burden, according to Democrats.



The gun range has a right to enjoy their land, but we also have a right to enjoy our land without the harassment of noise. There must be a suitable compromise and the gun range should be working to find one.



Just an important reminder that Catholic voters who vote for a candidate that believes in and supports abortion, is voting against Church law. Each human life; each unborn baby has the right to be protected, respected and given the right to live!



An individual member might only utilize the gun range fifteen minutes at a time and believes that the noise isn't bothersome. Add your noise to that created by the other members who elect to shoot and living down muzzle means a full day of noise (even beyond posted hours).



Members of CVOC have the right to enjoy their sport but hunters down muzzle from the range have the right to enjoy their sport also. We can both enjoy our sports with a little respect. Simply don't shoot at the range after 2:00 p.m. during hunting season.



It would be a safe bet to say that the majority of the 200 plus members of the CVOC don't live anywhere near the range. If they did, there wouldn't be so much noise and they would be more respectful of those that do live near the range.



Where is the Tea Party? The deficit is exploding under the Republicans! Now that their tax cut favors the rich more than the average Joe, they don't really care. They were sure worried about deficit spending when Obama was pres, now, they've disappeared.



In my opinion I feel nurses, doctors and teachers should make as much as pro athletes. They are the real heroes. Where did this go wrong? Lawyers, DA's and plumbers… Well that’s another story…



It is an awful thing how our governor, state senator, and federal assemblywoman, avoid debating their opponent. They do anything they can to get out of the limelight during election time. Again neighbors, we all have to ignore party loyalty, and vote them all out. Lets start fresh.



If we go to the polls and vote for the same old lifetime politicians that are already in office, then we deserve what we get.



Really? Stealing campaign signs — criminal acts will not get your candidate any more votes, in fact, you will get less. Especially when you brazenly do it during the day and are seen.



A recent letter to the editor advocating veganism cites the principal cast of The Big Bang Theory as adherents to the lifestyle. Perhaps if the actors ate meat they’d have the energy to produce a sitcom that was actually funny.



Women's bathrooms not so much! In the early weeks of August not 1 door locked. The handicapped stall had toilet paper hanging on the door far from the toilet. Possibly because of a difficult flushing mechanism, there were large amounts of excess paper unflushed in toilets. Exterior handicapped bathroom locked.



It is 6:25pm. Shots can be heard. It is dark. No one should be hunting at this hour. That is not hunting...that is jacking deer. As a hunter myself, this is giving lawful hunters a bad name. Follow the laws!



The city library exposes young children to drag queens for story time normalizing gender identity issues and the local media revels in it. The head of the city library ought to be fired and city councilors who accept this ought to be voted out of office. Stop indoctrinating children into these “lifestyles.”


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