Old Stone Barracks

PLATTSBURGH — The Friends of the Old Stone Barracks Inc. is seeking proposals for use of the Old Stone Barracks property.

Located off Ohio Avenue, the property consists of 7.7 acres and the 14,800-square-foot, two-story stone building.


The Friends group, which is purchasing the property, is asking people to bring proposals or suggested uses for the property to one of two public forums: 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 17, and 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 23, both to be held at the Town of Plattsburgh Town Hall, 151 Banker Road at the west end of Tom Miller Road.

"It is important to remember that the city rejected a Canadian developer's proposal to erect buildings on the existing parade ground and leave the barracks building unused with no plan to preserve it," Friends President Jerry Bates said in a news release.

"The mission of the FOSB is to bring ownership of the property with the barracks back to our region, assure the highest and best use of the property and to find a way that the open space and barracks may be preserved and enjoyed by succeeding generations in the Champlain Valley."


The Friends group has a contract to complete the purchase of the property in December. It is conducting a capital campaign to raise the funding. Donations can be made by visiting the website oldstonebarracks.org.

Friends Trustee Steven Engelhart said the group does not intend to "be the proprietor of the property but rather to transfer ownership to a business or not-for-profit organization that is, in our judgment, most capable of carrying out an effective plan to develop the property in a way that meets our goals.”

Engelhart is executive director of Adirondack Architectural Heritage, a partner in the effort to secure the barracks property, and will chair the forums.

Other Friends of the Old Stone Barracks forum members include Martin Mannix Jr., Carol Blakeslee-Collin, Stephen Johnston and Alice Church.


Some of the criteria being considered by the group include:

How will the proposed project or plan serve the North Country community?

To what extent will the project preserve the historic integrity of the building and the open space of the site?

How will the project produce a sufficient cash flow to provide for the maintenance of the building and grounds?

For a proposal submitted by a business or not-for-profit entity, what is the capacity of the entity proposing the project to carry it out?

The business or non-profit candidate must be willing to enter into an agreement that provides for protection of the barracks and site for posterity.

The candidate will be expected to produce sketches showing a proposed floor plan and exterior of the building as modifications for its stated use and any uses of other units of the property, i.e. grounds, powder magazine, parking, etc.

The project is subject to approval by authorities that hold jurisdiction over the property, which may include the City of Plattsburgh, State Parks and Recreation State Historic Preservation Office, Friends of the Old Stone Barracks Inc. and Adirondack Architectural Heritage.

Inquiries or a request for an appointment may be made to Engelhart by email at steven@aarch.org or telephone 834-9328.

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