Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from Oct. 2 to 6, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Clinton County Clerk’s office:

To Linda A. Gagnon from Linda M. Robor, Mooers, $80,000.

To Trevor J. Sears and Amanda L. Sears from Calvin Sears, Connie Ryan, Carol Hoenig and Carl Sears, Clinton, $25,000.

To Fay Bouvia from Arthur L. Osher, Altona, zero dollars.

To Fay Bouvia from Arthur L. Osher, Peru, zero dollars (2).

To UMS Property LLC from John W. Nink, Plattsburgh, $150,000.

To Nicholas Adam Provost, Colleen Angela Provost from Robby Carron, Jennifer Carron and Jennifer Brean, Chazy, $103,400.

To Curt A. Lavalley from Curt A. Lavalley and Pamela J. Lavalley, Plattsburgh City, zero dollars.

To Curtis Latremore and Lorraine Latremore from Mathew J. Moore, trustee of the Craig F. Phifer Trust, Champlain, $105,000.Ro

To Ricky C. Reil and Amy M. Reil from Sharon B. Sloan, formerly known as Sharon B. Sloan-Desilets, Saranac, $154,200.

To Robert Olsen and Juliann Olsen from Hans Visscher, Plattsburgh City, zero dollars.

To Ryan P. Relation and Hillary A. Relation from Patrick E. Pellerin, Altona, $232,500.

To Thomas G. Melen and Tracy L. Collier from Jarrod J. St. Phillips, Saranac, $153,500.

To Joseph E. Martucci and Sharon M. Martuci from Donald Robare, AuSable, zero dollars.

To Tender Timber Management from Lawrence Soehnel and Virginia Soehnel, Peru, $40,000.

To David R. Couture from Kenneth M. Barcomb and Karen S. Barcomb, Altona, $135,000.

To Armand Ray Remillard from Fannie Mae, Plattsburgh, $113,500.

To Leslie K. Ortman, Loren A. Ortman, Eric A. Ortman and Ingrid A. Ortman from Leslie K. Ortman, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Austin Jewell and Katherine Jewell from Fannie Mae, Plattsburgh, $26,104.

To Mark H. Miller from Fannie Mae, Plattsburgh City, $77,000.

To Robin J. Schwartz from David L. Cook, Plattsburgh City, $120,000.

To Kyle P. Okusky and Amanda H. Okusky from Melisa A. Lucia formerly known as Melisa A. Brown, Plattsburgh City, $106,000.

To Jin Liu from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Plattsburgh, $30,000.

To Tammy McCorry from Sheila A. Facteau, Peru, $16,000.

To Rodney G. Killam from Christopher Burns, Champlain, $50,000.

To Taylor M. Hamel from Sherman Hamel and Stephen I. Marlow, Schuyler Falls, $79,000.

To John M. Averill and Tracie J. Averill from Joseph Lavorando Sr., Chazy, $1,000.

To Jason M. Campbell and Mandy L. Campbell from Michael J. Thibodeau and Candy L. Thibodeau, Champlain, $55,000.

To Brian D. Laky and Kathryn M. Laky from Jeffrey E. Gretz and Irene S. Gretz, co-trustees of the Gretz Family Revocable Trust, Plattsburgh City, $125,000.

To Christopher G. Sartoris and Terri A. Sartoris from White Lane LLC, zero dollars.

To Tami Zwart from SRMOF II 2012-1 Trust US Bank Trust NA, Mooers, $9,000.

To Kyle A. Reeves and Kimberlee A. Beers from Lee H. Kirby, Beekmantown, $103,350.

To Secretary of Veterans Affairs from Matthew G. Favro, Esq., referee, and Earl D. Johnson, AuSable, $159,694.20.

To Dwayne Maicus from Sidney G. Maicus and Donna Maicus, Black Brook, zero dollars (2).

To Dwayne Maicus from Sidney G. Maicus, Black Brook, zero dollars (2).

To Stephen M. Young and Melissa A. Mannings from Jeffrey M. Horne and Sun T. Horne, Mooers, $66,000.

To Linda G. Steady from Linda G. Steady executrix of the estate of Bernard W. Steady, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Elliot G. Cajigas from Herbert M. Franzen and Donald G. McKinney, Dannemora, $20,570.

To Josephine Dalton and Thomas Lajoy from Gary L. Burdeau, Mooers, $100,000.

To Thomas Maggy from Eleanor M. Hurlburt, Altona, zero dollars.

To KLM Development LLC from Evan Bracy, Esq., and Timothy Moore, Plattsburgh City, $54,100.

To Maribeth MacKinnon and Barry Devins from Maribeth MacKinnon, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Wilfred J. Burdo, Marion A. Burdo and Dale Miller from Wilfred J. Burdo and Marion A. Burdo, Dannemora, zero dollars.

To Judy M. Furst, John G. Furst and Mark A. Furst II from George J. Christon, Judy M. Furst, Clifton J. Christon, David J. Christon and Larry J. Christon, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Troy M. Trombley from Kondaur Capital Corp., Plattsburgh, $127,553.

To Michael Antkowiak, trustee of the Michael Antkowiak Revocable Trust and Hannah Antkowiak, as trustee of the Hannah Antkowiak Revocable Trust, from Michael Antkowiak and Hannah Antkowiak, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Aaron D. Avery from Tammy R. Wheeler, Peru, $135,500.

To Rapa Independent North America Casings Inc. from James Maher, Esq., referee, and General Division 54 Inc., Plattsburgh, $238,000.

To John L. Hart and Kimberly A. Crow from John L. Hart and Kimberly A. Crow, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Amanda M. Roper from Jonathan R. Chew and Kelly D. Chew, Chazy, $181,914.

To Portia Turco from Leonard Swinton, Plattsburgh City, $90,000.

To Ricky Duprey from Carolyn Hemingway, Champlain, $4,000.

To Jarrett M. Borrie and Jill M. Borrie from Roland Paul Pechie, Plattsburgh City, $153,025.

To John E. Landry and Patience L. Landry from Steven Leveston and Carolyn Leveston, Plattsburgh City, $235,000.

To Zackery Fournia and Kellie Lapoint from Thomas P. Maggy and Vicky A. Maggy, Saranac, $25,000.

To Brian R. Bernard from Brian R. Bernard and Tara A. Bernard, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Mary R. Breyette from Haila J. Conant, Plattsburgh City, $12,500.

To Sarah Williams and Alan Sorrell from Norman W. Hatch Sr., Frances M. Hatch, Norman W. Hatch Jr. and Debra A. Zindulka, Black Brook, $90,000.

To Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp from William M. Finucane, Esq., and Helena G. Alger, Plattsburgh City, $53,306.23.

To Joseph J. Czechowicz, trustee of the Joseph J. Czechowicz RevocableTrust from Joseph J. Czechowicz, , Plattsburgh City, zero dollars.

To Francis J. Brohal and Carol Brohal from Lisa JC Raino, Peru, $165,000.


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