Here's a list of land transactions in Essex County from June 5 to 9, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office:

To Sarah Beth Blaise Brown from Robert Blaise also known as Robert George Blaise, Moriah, $1.

To Jesse Jay Berube and Eleanor Berube from Patricia A. Berube, Crown Point, zero dollars.

To Anthony C. Thoman and Maureen Thoman from Stephen E. Fortin and Kelly Anne Fortin, Lewis, $45,000.

To SMS Management LLC from Katrina R.B. Wagner, as trustee of the Katrina R. Byers Trust for benefit of Katrina R. Byers, Keene, $319,000.

To Brett S. Giaconia and Diana J. Giaconia from Lohr McKinstry and Brandy Saxton, Moriah, $145,000.

To Paul H. Wein, trustee of the Wein Family Irrevocable Trust, from Paul H. Wein and Debra S. Wein, Schroon, zero dollars.

To Michael W. Thwaits from Crystal A. Martin and June M. Hart, Jay, $64,000.

To Craig D. Coolidge and Kathie Coolidge from Craig D. Coolidge and Kathie Coolidge, Chesterfield, zero dollars.

To Walter Worth from Wells Fargo Bank NA, Moriah, $21,000.

To John C. Clark and Lori M. Clark as trustees of the John Clark and Lori Clark Trust from John C. Clark and Lori M. Clark, Wilmington, zero dollars.

To Brian D. Hosan and Andrea E. Hosan from David R. Ratchford and Katherine A. Ratchford, Schroon, $206,000.

To J&L Lodging LLC from Town House Lodge LLC, North Elba, $1,175,000.

To Christopher Henrikson and Debra A. Henrikson from Margaret Rapetti as executor of the last will and testament of Theodora Frehrenbach Casale, Schroon, $151,000.

To Bruce T. Kirman and Mary Richelle Kirman from Constance Dora Leigh, North Elba, $682,500.

To Peter Roy and Tracy L. Roy from Leo Fisher and B. Lois Fisher, North Elba, $20,000.

To Scott B. Smalley from Janice Smalley, Ticonderoga, zero dollars.

To James M. Colby and Tracy Stanton Colby, Krista A. Colby, Casey Colby and Keith Stanton from James M. Colby, North Elba, $1.

To Dean Arthur Cross from Alan R. Jones, Lewis, $11,000.

To Maria L. Mariana from Lake Placid Builders Group LLC, North Elba, $479,000.

To Eric Rafferty from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ticonderoga, $21,000.

To Richard M. Dodge and Susan J. Dodge from Ross Kenyon, Jay, $10,000.

To Robert Rice from JP Morgan Chase Bank, Elizabethtown, $19,000.

To Elisha F. Harrington from Charles W. Harrington and Candyce E. Harrington, Crown Point, zero dollars (4).

To Elisha F. Harrington from Charles W. Harrington, Candyce E. Harrington and Owen Harrington, Crown Point, zero dollars.


To Brittany Marquis and Haley Leonard from James E. Leonard, executor of the estate of John Joseph Leonard, Wilmington, zero dollars.


Here's a list of land transactions in Essex County from June 12 to 16, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Essex County Clerk's office:

To Yvonne Alterie and Sarah S. Noll from Eloise Florence LeBlanc, co-trustee of the Yvon Dalbec Revocable Trust, and Jacqueline Chauvin, co-trustee of the Yvon Dalbec Revocable Trust, Willsboro, $32,000.

To Lori Ann Barnao from Marti Borho and Sue Borho, Ticonderoga, $32,500.

To Timothy Lyman and Susan B. Malaney from Rhonda Scofield, Crown Point, $25,000.

To Stephen M. Sudak and Lynn V. Sudak from Herbert Van Schoick and Sara Van Schoick, trustees of the Van Schoick Revocable Trust, Keene, $320,000.

To Todd M. Loiacono, trustee of the Stephen P. and Diane L. Loiacono Irrevocable Trust, from Stephen P. Loiacono and Diane L. Loiacono, Chesterfield, zero dollars.

To Tyler Chevier from George Anderson and Eileen M. Anderson, Moriah, $185,000.

To Hugh William Davis and Karen Ann Davis from Peter S. Lukens and Patricia A. Lukens, North Elba, $487,000.

To Hal G. Geutal and Margaret C. Nelson from Cathy Campbell and Jean Wilder, Schroon, $5,000.

To Frank Hart, Barbara Hart, Frank Hart III, Kevin Hart and Kimberly Moffre from Jesse D. Forjan, North Elba, $8,000.

To Douglas M. Fish and Keith G. Fish from Douglas M. Fish, executor of the estate of Virginia Warren Fish, Schroon, zero dollars.

To Frank G. Lawrence II from Frank G. Lawrence II and Amanda G. Hayes, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Halfdan Gregersen Prahl, Crispin Jens Prahl, Duncan Forbes Prahl and Amos MacDuff Prahl from Carlotta Gregersen Prahl, Schroon, zero dollars.

To Mary Beth O'Brien, trustee of the Mary Beth O'Brien Revocable Trust, from James Sean O'Brien and Mary Beth O'Brien, Newcomb, zero dollars.

To William O'Neill and Loretta O'Neill from Laura J. Wozniski, Jay, $260,000.

To Charles L. Thomas from Charles A. Thomas and Ellen Thomas, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Brian P. Quinn and Eileen Quinn from Earl F. Hammond, North Elba, $407,500.

To Kurt T. Reyell and Lisa B. Reyell, as trustees of the Reyell Irrevocable Trust, from Jeffrey T. Reyell and Carol B. Reyell, St. Armand, zero dollars.

To Thomas G. Varga from Scott Krempler and Michelle Krempler, Jay, $10,000.

To Glenn E. Vehr from Jean Sara Wolk and Adam G. Vehr, Crown Point, zero dollars.

To Lindsay L. Yost from Cris L. Winters and Ronald W. Bussian, North Elba, $87,000.

To Federal Home Loan Mortgage from Stephanie C. Summers, St. Armand, $124,921.76.

To Tyler G. Goodman from Daniel G. Pray, Chesterfield, $238,000.

To Robert W. Gray and Carol M. Gray from Grouse Creek LLC, North Elba, $739,219.16.

To Andrew J. St. Louis and Michelle L. St. Louis from Andrew J. St. Louis and Michelle L. St. Louis, St. Armand, zero dollars.

To Therese B. Sassone, James C. Bauman, Lynn Marie Bonner, Daniel J. Bonner, Hugh F. Bonner and Mary T. Bonner from Hugh F. Bonner and Mary T. Bonner, Minerva, zero dollars.

To Thomas Byrne and Catherine Byrne from Carol S. Harrington, North Elba, $5,000.

To Thomas Byrne and Catherine Byrne from Carol S. Harrington, North Elba, $250,000.

To David Clark and Alana Clark from Fort Hudson Nursing Center Inc., Schroon, $21,000.

To Peter M. Balet and Marie P. Balet from Peter M. Balet and Marie P. Balet, Newcomb, zero dollars.

To Jason B. Rupp and Shannon M. Rupp from Susan J. McGeechan, administratrix of the estate of Joseph F. McGeechan, North Elba, $105,000.

To Meghan Swayne, as trustee of the Robert W. Swayne and Cheryl M. Swayne Irrevocable Trust, to Andrew Swayne, Robert Swayne and Cheryl Swayne, Schroon, zero dollars.

To Scuderi Property Management from Daniel Scuderi and Renee Scuderi, Ticonderoga, zero dollars.

To Heidi A. Fitzgerald and Martin H. Fitzgerald II from Richard J. Liddell, Heidi A. Fitzgerald, Gregory J. Liddell, Edward F. Liddell, Richard G. Liddell and Susan A. Liddell, Ticonderoga, zero dollars.

To Bruce A. Conroe, as trustee of the Bruce A. Conroe Living Trust, from Hugh T. Myrtle and Carol J. Myrtle, North Hudson, $235,900.

To Leslie Thwaits from Ward Lumber Co., Jay, $6,550.

To  Phoebe L. Everson and Robert B. Thompson III from Douglas F. Chamberlain and Jean D. Chamberlain, St. Armand, $495,000.


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