PLATTSBURGH — ERS Investors, owners of the Gateway to the North Industrial Park, has elected to keep some of the buildings currently standing and completely rehab them as state-of-the-art sustainable buildings for immediate lease.

The buildings, with approximately 150,000 square feet of space, will be prepared to match the remainder of the campus structures. Once the demolition and clean-up of the property has been completed, work will begin immediately on building out the rest of the main campus.


CDC Realty, a commercial real estate agency, has been appointed by ERS Investors to market the building to US and Canadian manufacturers across the country.

“We have been aggressively marketing the Rouses Point property over the last several months and are delighted to get approval to fill the existing buildings so far ahead of schedule. ERS and CDC are now in discussions with major distribution, data and manufacturing companies interested in that space and we are anxious to get proposals out to ERS as soon as possible," Matt Biore, president of CDC Realty, said.

"ERS told everyone from the moment they arrived that they were committed to enhancing the local economy and creating future jobs, as we can see they were very serious.”


Prospective tenants are finding the Rouses Point facilities attractive because of:

• Extremely low electric rates — some of the lowest in the USA

• Ceiling heights of 40 feet clear

• Upcoming railroad siding with access to New England

• Rouses Point is only 45 minutes from the Port of Montreal in Canada

• The facility has high volume of municipal water and sewer capacity

• Rouses Point is minutes from I-87 and the Vermont border and it has a direct route to NY and New England

• Manufacturers qualify for strong financial incentives as new employers through the state and regional economic development agencies

According to Christian Wilson, President of ERS Investors, “We decided to invest in Rouses Point because the area is attractive for distribution, warehouse, data and manufacturers. 'Gateway to the North' is being designed and built out to become the premier sustainable development for data manufacturing and distribution firms.

We have a lot to offer tenants. With the electric costs being so low — we are attracting businesses from Canada and the US who are seeking to reduce costs. Rouses Point measures up to the most attractive sites in the USA. We are currently getting the property ready for a build-out of over 1 million square feet."

Boire said low electric rates in this region have proven to be attractive for plastic manufacturing, food companies, data centers, wood processing and auto manufacturing where high-power users need lower electric rates to be competitive.

“We are focusing on these types of users since we have such a competitive advantage to other industrial areas. Our industrial clients find this area as a potential game changer because of the attractive electric rates. It really gives them a step-up on being cost competitive."

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