Willsboro School Board President Andrea Robare, Superintendent Steve Broadwell and board member Bruce Hale listen to Natalie Foster discuss her pre-K program.

WILLSBORO -- The Willsboro Central School Board recently discussed its proposed capital project, as well as alcohol-use prevention and its policy banning tobacco on campus.


The board scheduled an Oct. 9 informational meeting on a referendum vote for upgrades in safety and technology.

The capital project will have 97 percent of the $233,000 cost repaid by state aid.

The project includes surveillance cameras for inside and outside the building, security upgrades to the outside doors, projectors and smartboards -- which are electronic whiteboards -- for the classrooms and updated technology to cope with the increased volume of computer use.

"Willsboro, like many other districts around the state, is trying to capitalize on the targeted grant money available to our district and maximize our resources for the continued enhancements of the school," Superintendent Stephen Broadwell said.

Anyone wishing to obtain an absentee ballot or more information may contact the school at 963-4456.


The meeting started with a field trip following the bee trail through the corridors to the pre-K classroom, where Natalie Foster explained the facets of her program.

The idea is to build on students' knowledge of colors and letters, including discovering how words are assembled. A variety of manipulatives at learning centers provide for more sensory interaction, as well as the integration of subjects.

Broadwell felt the pre-K "has been great for our students and community."

Foster added, "The kindergarten teachers have told us how well the students who have had the pre-K program have done."

Mac MacDevitt of the Prevention Team informed the board of the teen-alcohol problem in Essex County, as well as some of the techniques utilized to combat it.

Statistics show that half of 10th-graders at area schools use alcohol, with 34 percent considered high-risk drinkers.

In addition, the county's youth DWI arrests and youth probation cases are well above the state average.


As part of the district's promotion of healthy living and healthy habits, it is looking to strengthen the ban on tobacco products. Tobacco use is prohibited on school property and grounds, including during non-school hours.

The board discussed the placement and wording of signs during its first reading of the new policy. It was suggested that the signs more positive and not show the traditional crossed-out cigarette.

Obtaining special editions of magazines such as Time without cigarette advertising was also discussed.


In other business, the School Board:

Approved $200 for a geography enrichment study group under the direction of Laura Bridge, which will help prepare for the geography bee.

Voted to allow the American Red Cross to use the school as an emergency shelter.

Accepted a $1,000 donation from the Friends of the Paine Memorial Library so drama students could attend a play in Albany.

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