MALONE – The current district attorney and the principal court attorney for the Acting Supreme Court justice are both running to be the next Franklin County Court judge.

Democrat Craig P. Carriero is on the Nov. 2 General Election ballot against Republican Elizabeth M. Crawford.

They are running to fill the vacancy on the bench left by the retirement of Judge Robert G. Main Jr., who has held the seat for the last 30 years.

The office of judge is a 10 year term.

The Press-Republican asked the candidates:

Why do you want to be a judge?

Franklin County Court Judge


“After 17 years with the District Attorney’s Office, the last nearly six as the district attorney, and working closely with the county court system, I recognize how important this position, as well as the decisions that are made as judge, is to the people of this county. 

“Being elected judge would be a true honor and a great opportunity to serve the people of this county. 

“I also acknowledge that this opportunity does not present often. In fact, Judge Main has presided in this position for over 30 years, and once filled this November, the position will not be available for another 10 years.

“Thus, although I have found my role as Franklin County district attorney to be the most rewarding and fulfilling job of my career, I believe my time as district attorney has prepared me well to take the next step and become Franklin County Court judge.”


Party: Democratic, Working Families.

Age:  45.

Education:  Hartwick College, B.A.,1998; Albany Law School of Union University, Juris Doctorate, 2001.

Occupation: Franklin County District Attorney, 2016 to present.

Government experience: Franklin County District Attorney’s Office, 17 years; 2004-2015, part-time assistant district attorney, part-time partner in Malone law firm of Cantwell & Cantwell with Paul M. Cantwell Jr. Elected Franklin County District Attorney in November 2015 and took office Jan. 1, 2016.

Civic Organizations: Coached youth baseball and football teams for the past decade to present. Previously member of Malone Rotary; past board member of Greater Malone YMCA.

Family: Wife, Ginger; two sons, Trent, 15, and Chase, 12.



“During law school orientation, the Dean had us look at our colleagues and explained that a small pool of the most detailed oriented, focused and dedicated students will become judges. I knew at that moment I was going to be one of them and I have been working toward my ultimate goal of county court judge ever since.

“I spent over 10 years as an assistant district attorney. I was tough, but compassionate. I was the voice for many children and women and made sure justice was done.

“I jumped at the opportunity to become Judge (Derek) Champagne’s personal court attorney and have been immersed in the judicial aspect of justice for the last seven years. I work side-by-side with judges, evaluating cases, completing research, drafting decisions and orders for their review, and helping them decide some of the most difficult issues that end up before them, all in a confidential and trusted capacity.

“I truly just want to help people. I’ve seen the good judges do every day, from probationary sentences to removing children from unsafe situations to family reunification to protecting communities from dangerous criminals.

“My entire career has been devoted to the people of Franklin County and I look forward to serving them with the dedication, compassion and professionalism they deserve.”


Party: Republican, Conservative.

Age: 44.

Education: West Virginia University College of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence, May 2003; Plattsburgh State University, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, May 2000, Magna Cum Laude.

Occupation: Principal Court Attorney to Acting Supreme Court Justice, Trial Part, New York State Office of Court Administration.

Government Experience: Franklin County assistant district attorney, September 2004 through Dec. 31, 2014. Domestic Violence Task Force, Integrated Domestic Violence Court; Franklin County Northern Border Narcotics Task Force, assisted in wire tap and search warrant applications, and participated in operations to dismantle large and small drug trafficking rings; specialized in violent crimes against children. Court Attorney to Family Court Judge, Trial Part, New York State Office of Court Administration, Jan. 1, 2015-Dec. 31, 2016; Principal Court Attorney to Acting Supreme Court Justice, Trial Part, New York State Office of Court Administration, Jan. 1, 2017 to present.

Civic Organizations: Franklin County Bar Association, Vice President; 4H Camp Overlook Program Advisory Committee; Franklin County 4H; Chateaugay Little League; Chateaugay Village Youth Committee; Catholic Communities of Burke and Chateaugay Youth Group; New York State Bar Association.

Family: Husband, Michael Crawford; two children, Ainsley, 13, and Drew, 11. Two Golden Retrievers, Ruby and Youppi.


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