PLATTSBURGH — Absentee ballots will be tallied today, naming a victor in the City of Plattsburgh's mayoral primary election. 


The three-way race was between Democrats Colin Read, Chris Rosenquest and Tenzin Dorjee, all vying for a place on the fall 2020 ballot against Republican Scott Beebie. 

Incumbent Read, 60, had ran on the platform of his past successes, saying he would again pull the Lake City out of its financial hardships, keep a low tax rate, pave city roadways and so on. 

Clinton County Legislator Rosenquest, 44, and 55-year-old downtown businessman Tenzin Dorjee had both hoped to bring something new to the table.

The legislator pledged better relations with city neighbors, like the Town of Plattsburgh, and a mayoral focus that looked beyond the numbers.

Dorjee, who didn't consider himself a politician, said he would run the municipality like a business, promising honesty and transparency.


The Clinton County Board of Elections released the race's unofficial results last Tuesday, showing Rosenquest in the lead with 342 votes. Read had 177 votes and Dorjee had 105.

The more than 600 votes were from in-person ballots only. 

City Dems could vote that way during the early voting period, which occurred in the 9 days leading up to Primary Election Day, as well as on that day. 


The Board of Elections had mailed more than 3,000 absentee ballots to Democrats in the City of Plattsburgh prior to the primary election. 

On Tuesday, Democratic Commissioner Mary Dyer said 1,070 had been returned and postmarked on or before Tuesday, June 23. 

"That's about a third," Dyer said. "The turnout was very poor." 


For a local primary, though, Dyer said the number of absentee ballots was actually high, saying the continued COVID-19 pandemic was the presumed culprit. 

The Democratic commissioner said the Board of Elections would begin tallying votes at 9 a.m. today and would "absolutely" have them counted by this afternoon.

"If we're in there three hours I'd be surprised," Dyer said. "I'm thinking it will be more like two hours tops.

"You'd be amazed at how quickly we can get them done." 


Countywide Dems also voted for their picks in the presidential primary race this Primary Election Day.

More than 1,400 voters had showed up to the polls in Clinton County and the unofficial results showed 840 voters, or 59.7 percent, had selected Joe Biden, while just over 400 had cast a vote for Bernie Sanders. 

Closest behind were Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, who had collected 47 and 42 votes, respectively. 

As of early last week, the Board of Election had said 2,680 absentee ballots had been returned for that election. Those will also be counted today. 

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