PLATTSBURGH — SUNY Plattsburgh is currently testing it’s emergency notification systems.

The test will run until 1 p.m., a press release from the school said, and will utilize several means of notification, including SUNY NY Alert, campus email, desktop notification to campus-owned computers and the campus outdoor warning sirens.

No action is required. Outdoor warning sirens are designed to only be heard outdoors. Upon activation, a tone will sound from the speakers signaling an emergency. When heard, the campus community is advised to take the following actions

S — STOP doing what you are doing;

O — OBSERVE your immediate surroundings for danger;

S — SHELTER in place and seek additional information from SUNY NY Alert via text, email, cell phone and landline, campus email or the college website at

For more information, contact Michael Caraballo, SUNY Plattsburgh’s director of emergency management, 518-564-4950.


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