ALBANY — Before diving into summer, there are some practical tips homeowners can use to save energy while using ceiling fans or pools to keep cool.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority recommends pool owners pay close attention to their swimming pool’s pumps and consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model.

Pool owners who are circulating water with a standard single-speed pump can keep their water clean and clear while cutting energy use in half with an upgrade to a two-speed or variable pump.

NYSERDA said in a press release that customizing pumps can help save even more money and energy.

A programmable, variable-speed pool pump that allows custom programming to adjust the operating speed for each function can save hundreds in energy costs and is more efficient than standard pumps.

The size of the pool pump is also a factor.

A pump with a smaller motor will cost less to run for a longer period of time, so it’s important to make sure the right size is installed.

NYSERDA suggests checking manufacturer’s recommendations on sizing or asking a local supplier for advice.


Ceiling fans can be effective way to stay cool during a sweltering summer, but the most efficiency comes from those that are Energy Star qualified.

Units with that designation are more than 50 percent more efficient than conventional fan/light units, and they can save $165 in energy costs during their lifetime, the release said.

It is also important to make sure ceiling fans are circulating in the right direction during certain seasons.

In the summer, fans should move counterclockwise so the airflow produced creates a wind-chill — and cooling — effect.

The reverse will work in the winter, so that the clockwise airflow produces a gentle updraft that forces warm air near the ceiling downward.

NYSERDA makes the point that fans cool people, not rooms, and should be shut off when they are not in use.

Learn more at www.ny or call toll-free: (877) NY-SMART.

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