CROWN POINT -- The state says Crown Point Central School is now a "High Performing/Gap Closing" district.

The report released last week said Crown Point was placed on the list because it met all state standards for English language arts and math, and made adequate annual progress in both subjects for two consecutive years.

Superintendent Shari Brannock said they had a euphoric staff meeting in the school library Friday to announce the results.

"In the past, we had a designation of needing improvement. We've been off that designation for a few years. We improved our scores."

More recently, Crown Point was named a "Rapidly Improving" district by the state, Brannock said.

"Now we're on a new list for high-performing school districts. It's wonderful and terrific. We're feeling good about the work we're doing."

She said the school established a theme they call TEAM, for Together Everyone Achieves More, and they've used it to boost academic achievement at the school.

"We used our theme to get us there. It's just amazing."

Crown Point is also an America's Choice School, part of a standards-based system that helps turn around schools where students had difficulty meeting state standards in multiple subjects. Crown Point did so well in that program it is now used as a model for other schools.

Statewide, 216 high-need rural school districts were given the "High Performing/Gap Closing" honor, part of the national No Child Left Behind Act.

"We made it to a great place," Brannock said.

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